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Press releases, technical product descriptions, web content, and journalism articles for clients across the audio technology sector. Sociatech are marketing and PR specialists for the technology, media and creative sectors, providing marketing, PR and artist relations and social media advice, predominantly to audio and music technology clients.


I am part of Sociatech’s core team as their in-house copywriter, producing content for leading industry clients including Exponential Audio, Softube, e-instruments, and Sound Radix.

My writing ranges from technical product descriptions and associated online content, to press releases, journalistic interviews and articles. I also advise in brand consultation, and provide proof reading services.

My work has been rated for its clarity and brand consistency, making technical specs come alive, and adding real interest to websites to build repeat visits and develop loyal following.

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Exponential Audio

Sound Radix

Townsend Labs



Townsend Labs Sphere success Press Release 13.09.16