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Peruvian Hair Loss Remedy

Luis Quiroz Ravines – Peruvian Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Does hair loss make you feel embarrassed?

Do you feel that your youth, virility and attractiveness are disappearing with each missing hair?

If so, I know exactly how you feel.

Having your work colleagues, friends and family notice your hair loss can be bad enough.

But imagine having it on display to millions of people watching at home.

This is exactly what I went through four years ago, when working as a TV journalist.

There was one moment, in particular, that was so humiliating that I felt FORCED to do something about it.

This led to me developing a new type of natural hair repair treatment that not only stopped my hair loss…

but has given me hair that is thicker, shinier and healthier than it was 10 or even 20 years ago.

This is a treatment that doesn’t require expensive supplements, painful surgery or risky medication…

but is proven to work.

My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines.

I created this video to share my natural hair treatment that can give you stronger, thicker and healthier hair in just a few weeks.

This will naturally help to improve your self confidence and self esteem.

Just imagine walking down the street with a thicker, darker head of hair.

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Wouldnt that be great?

To feel like you’ve got back some of your youthful vigor and that you can be attractive to the opposite sex again?

Well, this is what my remedy can do for you, as it has done for me.

It harnesses NINE key ingredients, one of which was first used in ancient Egypt during the time of the pharaohs 4,000 years ago.

I’ll reveal what this ingredient is later in the video, and why I believe it could revolutionize the hair replacement industry.

Now, before we continue, I want you to know that…

No matter how long you’ve suffered from hair loss…

No matter how much you feel your thinning hair is ruining your confidence and self esteem…

No matter how ashamed it makes you feel to think that the opposite sex can’t find you attractive anymore…

No matter how many expensive drugs, shampoos and sprays you’ve tried already…

And even if you’ve been told by doctor that nothing can be done

I want you to know that there is a safe, natural way of stopping your hair loss and putting to rest all of these problems.

If your hair loss is getting you down it’s completely understandable.

There are 55 million hair loss sufferers in the US alone

So don’t beat yourself up about it. At least during this video. Deal?

In this short presentation I will be revealing how I created a natural remedy for stopping hair loss using herbs and plants found in my native country of Peru.

This is a unique remedy you won’t find in any health shop, medical journal or

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And the reason why it is so effective is because of the way it stops what I call the hair DESTROYER hormone from taking away more of your hair.

In this video I’ll also be sharing my two key tips to stopping hair loss.

Just by following these tips alone may actually help you to put your hair loss into reverse, without drugs, surgery or expensive supplements.

Before we continue, I want to make it clear that many hair repair companies will be unhappy that I’m sharing this information with you.

They make billions of dollars every year from selling chemical based solutions that can have horrible side effects, and in most cases DO NOT work.

These companies would rather you lost your hair than they lose money.

Whereas my remedy can stop hair loss without dangerous chemicals or any of the risks of drugs or $10,000 hair transplants.

However, based on the number of people who’ve already watched this video, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are already assembling a legal team to get it taken down.

I am not a rich man.

And if they do come after me I will be powerless against their ruthless corporate lawyers.

So make sure you pay close attention to this presentation while you can.

If you are ready, let’s begin.

I first noticed my hair was thinning many years ago. But I didn’t think much of it at the time.

I work as a TV journalist and I spend a lot of time under bright lights.

This meant every time I sat down to speak to the camera my thinning scalp was on display for all to see, including the millions watching at home.

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But it wasn’t until my producer told me to comb my hair differently, because it looked so bad, that my hair loss really hit home.

Mockingly he said to me, “Lucho, your head is fraying.”

You have no idea how humiliated that made me feel.

I smiled and said: “ok, thanks for the advice.”

But inside I felt a knot of shame tightening inside.

From that moment, my life changed…for the worst.

I went from being a confident outgoing person to a frightened shell of my former self.

Seeing my hair falling out each passing day made me really depressed, and robbed me of my self respect.

Now, I know I’m not the most handsome person in the world.

But the idea of going bald made me feel ashamed.

No one wants to feel like they can never be attractive to women again.

My confidence crumbled.

Those were tough times.

But one day I said to myself “enough!”

I was fed up with feeling my life was being ruined by hair loss.

It was time to roll up my sleeves and do something about it.

I had already lost a lot of hair, and I wasn’t going to wait until I was as bald as an egg.

Thankfully, my experience as a TV journalist came into play.

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From my career I’ve learned only too well the importance of deep, thorough research.

So I embarked on a quest to find out what was causing my hair loss and how I could prevent it.

Now, discovering the cause of my hair loss was the easy part.

It is well documented that one of the reasons why millions of people like me suffer from hair loss is due to a single hormone.

That hormone is called DHT, what I call the Hair Destroyer hormone

It is a type of testosterone and if too much DHT builds up it can cause an allergic reaction to your hair follicles.

This can then result in the hair thinning until it falls out completely.

So clearly, the solution to stopping my hair loss was simple.

I had to stop my scalp producing more DHT.

I looked into the pharmaceutical options. But quickly changed my mind when I found out about the side effects.

At my age, you don’t want to do anything that may interfere with your libido.

If losing my sex drive wasn’t off putting enough, the expensive price tag of these medicated options certainly was.

Another problem with medicated shampoos, sprays and supplements is that you have to take them for the rest of your life.

That could amount to tens of thousands of dollars over my lifetime. I even thought about a hair transplant.

But after reading how painful it can be and how much it can cost, I decided it wasn’t a good option.

So I investigated natural remedies instead.

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Here in Peru, we have a proud history of using the gifts of mother nature to cure all sorts of ailments and illnesses.

In fact, throughout my life I’ve used natural remedies instead of manufactured chemicals whenever I can.

This includes a remedy I created that AMAZED my doctor after it cured my enlarged prostate gland, which nearly every doctor will tell you can only be treated by drugs.

But as I discovered, this is simply not true.

I started to research all the natural remedies and traditional medicines that have been used in Peru for generations for hair loss.

This includes an ingredient called Colloidal silver that was used as a natural disinfectant to treat the wounds of soldiers in WW1.

And an ingredient my mother used to keep her hair long and shiny.

On my quest, I discovered an herb that can stimulate blood flow on the scalp to help stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

And remember: no DHT, no hair loss.

Additionally, I discovered a potent fungicide, a bactericide and a natural antibiotic that combats itchiness, dandruff, seborrhea and dermatitis.

I even discovered an herb that can help protect the brain from free radicals.

And an ingredient called Sabila that was written about in the Bible and was first imported from ancient Cairo to Jerusalem 4,000 years ago.

I assembled all of these ingredients in my home based lab. And the experiments began.

Over several months, I must have conducted hundreds of experiments.

There were many times when I’d go into my lab after dinner and not emerge until the sun was coming up the next day.

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But…time after time, my experiments FAILED.

People told me I was crazy and I should give up on this impossible dream.

“If the big hair companies with their millions of dollars can’t find a way to stop hair loss, how will you?” they used to say.

But I’m a stubborn person and I refused to give up.

Well, what I can tell you is that all the sleepless nights of trials, testing and frustration eventually paid off.

Because one day I achieved the Eureka moment.

What I discovered was a magic combination of ingredients that not only stopped my hair from falling out, but have made it stronger, shiner and healthier than two decades ago.

It is a remedy both myself and my friends have found to be 100% effective at preventing hair loss.

I’ve now been using this lotion for the last four years, and as you can see in the photo, my hair is thicker, darker and shinier than before:

I know it’s difficult to believe that an improvement like this came from a potion I created in my home made lab, like some mad professor, but it is completely true.

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I can promise you that I never dyed my hair, took pharmaceutical drugs or used a volume enhancing shampoo before taking the second photo.

It’s all thanks to the natural remedy I created from Peruvian herbs and plants.

This is a remedy you won’t find in any library, website or from your local drugstore.

And I believe it is a remedy that has the potential to put the billion dollar hair loss industry out of business.

And I hope it does, because I hate the way they perpetuate their big lie that only harsh drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride can prevent hair loss.

But these drugs can have HORRIBLE side effects.

And in many cases, they don’t even work at all.

Whereas my remedy is made from ingredients found in nature that are fortified with vitamins and nutritional elements that WILL stop your hair loss.

Better yet, they can make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier than before.

And, of course, because all the ingredients are 100% natural, there are NO side effects.

In a minute I will explain how you can get my remedy for yourself.

First, I’d like to share with you my top two tips for preventing hair loss naturally.

The first is to cut out processed sugar from your diet.

Studies are revealing that eating a diet high in sugar causes a condition known as GLYCATION.

This has been linked to premature aging, skin problems and pattern baldness.

Whereas a diet rich in fiber and whole foods could help improve your hair quality and overall health.

So if you’ve been considering making changes to your diet before, now you have an excellent reason to do so.

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My second tip is to try and reduce your stress levels.

Stress is a major cause of hair loss.

When you get stressed it releases a hormone called Cortisol. And cortisol can wreck havoc to your health and hairline.

To get your stress levels down, consider meditating, practicing deep breathing or yoga.

I follow these practices myself to help me feel calm, relaxed and to keep my hair intact.

If you’d like more advice on how to prevent hair loss naturally, I have a truly wonderful guide to share with you.

It is a guide I put together to share my discovery with the millions of men and women around the world also suffering from hair loss.

It is called the Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution.

In this guide I share all the research I conducted into hair loss, what causes it and natural ways of preventing it.

Most importantly, in this guide you will discover the exact recipe I use to make my proven Peruvian hair loss remedy.

This includes the exact ingredients, precise quantities and step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

All you need to do is buy the listed ingredients, follow the instructions and then you will have a natural remedy that I GUARANTEE will prevent your hair loss.

And when I say GUARANTEE I mean it.

I will explain why in a second.

As well as give you hair that is thicker, shiner and stronger than you may have ever experienced, my remedy can improve the health of your hair in many other ways too.

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Its benefits include:

  • Soothing and repairing flaky, brittle and damaged hair
  • Detoxifying your hair and scalp of atmospheric free radicals
  • Curing fungal infections that may be causing your hair loss
  • Helping new mothers regain their hair after pregnancy
  • Enriching the health of the skin on your scalp
  • The stimulation of new hair growth
  • Moisturizing for dull and dry hair, particularly in summer
  • Nourishing your hair with vitamins, iron and amino acids
  • Locking in moisture during dry summer months

Now, I know there are already lots of hair repair oils on the market. And I know that many luxury salons have their own special recipes.

But, typically, these oils only contain one or two key ingredients, such as coconut, olives or castor beans.

I analyzed all these ingredients when making my own remedy. But believe I have found ingredients that are vastly superior, even if they are rather unusual.

What’s more, rather than just one or two key ingredients my remedy contains nine.

Every one of them has been hand selected for their time proven ability to improve hair thickness, strength and shine..

Now, while I sourced the ingredients from my native Peru, you can find many of them in your local health food store.

But if you can’t find them locally, I have included information on where you can order from online.

So you get all the information you need for making my Peruvian hair loss remedy at home.

All you need to do is follow my instructions and you will get a batch that should last you six months.

In addition, my Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution guide comes with three bonus gifts…

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A recipe for a refreshing drink that has been taken in my native Peru to get thick, luscious hair for generations.

A formula for an elegantly scented orange blossom and mint essence cologne made from natural herbs and plants.

And, best of all, is the third bonus which is a complete book called “7 SUPER Secrets for a Vibrant Health”.

In this book I share yet more advice on how to improve your health harnessing the natural treatments I’ve used to stay fit and healthy over my lifetime.

These are habits that have helped to keep me free from ill health at the ripe age of 72, and have given me the energy of someone half my age

Like my hair retention remedy, you will not find the information in these guides anywhere else.

They do not exist in any library, doctor’s manual, medical journal or website.

Yet, I believe they would be highly valuable to anyone who appreciates the healing powers of mother nature.

In fact, I have a friend who works in natural health. And they recommended that I sell each of these guides individually for $77.

So together with my precise recipe for making my Peruvian hair loss remedy, I could realistically charge $385 or more.

And when you consider how much you may already be spending on hair thickening shampoos, sprays and supplements, $385 may be a fair price for something that I can GUARANTEE will help to stop your hair falling out.

Now, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was tempted to charge this amount.

But making money from other people’s misery is not what motivated me to create this video.

I want my Peruvian hair loss remedy to help as many people as possible.

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I want millions of men and women whose self confidence has been shaken to discover how they can prevent their hair loss safely and naturally with my proven remedy.

And so I knew that making my remedy affordable was the only ETHICAL option.

So I’m not going to sell my Peruvian hair loss remedy and its three bonuses for $385.

I’m not going to sell them for half that amount.

Or even a quarter.

In fact, you can get my complete step-by-step hair loss formula and all three bonuses for less than a TENTH of the recommended retail price of $37.

Sounds fair?

Well, how about if I told you that I’m not even going to keep all of the money.

You see, here in Peru we have a strong sense of community.

So I’m donating a large portion of the proceeds to help children in my community in San Juan de Yanac.

If my guide proves to be successful, my local village will benefit too, which makes me even more proud to offer it to you at this low price. You can order right now simply by clicking on the button below this video.

You will then be taken to an ordering screen.

Simply enter your details as you would on Amazon or any other e-commerce website.

Then after completing your transaction, you will get a download link for a digital copy of my guide.

But if you are hesitating, I can understand why.

I can appreciate that even after hearing everything I’ve told you that you may still be cynical at whether my remedy will actually work.

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After all, the billion dollar hair loss industry is built on selling false hope and dreams.

I don’t want you to think for a second that I’m making any claims about my remedy that are not 100% true.

So after purchasing and downloading my Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution in PDF form, sourcing the ingredients, following the exact instructions and applying it for 60 days you notice NO reduction in your hair loss at all then I’ll refund your purchase in full.

In fact, even if you just download the guide and then decide it’s not for you, for any reason at all, I will still refund your purchase.

And I won’t even demand you delete it from your hard drive.

So you see, you really have nothing to lose in trying out my remedy…

apart from more of your hair or a lifetime on expensive drugs.

Isn’t it worth giving it a go?

This now brings me to the end of my presentation.

I’d like to thank you for watching and hope that you realize that hair loss isn’t something you have to live with.

You don’t have to look in the mirror each morning and see your hair thinning with each passing day.

You don’t have to feel as though every hair pulled out with your comb is also pulling out your youth, attractiveness and virility with it.

You don’t have to settle for feeling old, tired looking, unsexy and that the days of feeling good about your appearance are behind you.

Because as I discovered, it is possible to stop hair loss without painful surgery, expensive drugs or harsh medicated shampoos, which, let’s be honest, barely work.

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Instead you can choose to give my Peruvian hair loss remedy a try.

As both myself and many of my friends have discovered, its unique combination of nine key ingredients, used in Peru to treat hair loss naturally for generations, can give your hair back its thickness, shine and strength.

I can’t tell you how much happier and more confident I feel showing up for work feeling that I look my best.

That I have been able to take years off my appearance and that even an average looking guy like me can still be attractive to the ladies.

I want you to experience what this transformation can feel like.

How much happier it can make you when you feel good about the way you look.

And the ONLY way, in my opinion, to do it safely and naturally is with my unique Peruvian hair loss remedy.

Remember that my guide is supplied with a 60 day money back guarantee.

So all you have to lose is more of your hair, and what you have to gain is a thick head of hair that can return your self confidence and self esteem.

Make today the day you said “Enough!’ and finally did something about YOUR hair loss.

Click the button below this video right now and get your copy of my Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution while you can.

[Wait a few seconds]

Still watching?

If you are still undecided, I understand completely. But I believe it is important for you to consider the following:

The product I’m bringing you clearly goes against major companies and markets that treat hair loss.

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They won’t be so happy when they find out about this natural, effective and dirt-cheap solution.

They may take some form of action and force this site to be taken down.

Of course, I’ll do anything in my power to prevent that, but I duly inform you that such a chance exists.

It may happen that next time you come here, this offer will no longer be available. That is why you should act right now.

Click on the purchase button and turn your life around.

I’m Luis Quiroz; thanks for listening to my message.

I’ll be waiting for you in the members’ area to get started with the treatment as soon as possible.


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