Portfolio project

Pitching the product

Brand: Rushers

Tagline: ‘Reaching the top in no time’

Potential for additional ranges: Rushers Lace-Up, Sheila Rushers, Rushers Velcro, Rusher Crocs

Advert concept: We see a close up of a man running. Tanned skin on a forearm, sweaty brow, we can hear his heavy breathing. As the breathing gets heavier we get a flashback to him as a child him running with his Dad up a red and dusty hillside.

The next flashback is him learning to ride a bike.
The next him driving away in his first car.
The next him driving a 4×4 dressed like a grunt.
The next him in an officers uniform in his 30’s shaking hands with other officers.
The final scene is him reaching the top of the rock, he’s clearly in his 50’s, athletic and great shape. We see his face he looks lost in thought as he catches his breath. Silent we get the flash back to him and his Dad running the same rock AGAIN.
Cut back to his face and he’s smiling, he looks down to his left and his has his hands on his sons shoulder who smiles back at him.
As the camera zooms out behind them as they watch the sun come up. Rushers – Reaching the top in no time.


Brand: Dinkums

Tagline: ‘Its not genuine if it’s not a Dinkum’

Advert concept: We see a boy on the way home from school with his friend.
The mums are walking behind talking.
The main boy goes into a dream world where he is being a hero.
The one boy walks up and kicks something, cuts back to reality and we see what he actually kicked nothing happens. The next boy does the same, same cuts scene and back to reality and the sole of his shoe starts to break.
The next kid jumps in a puddle and runs off happy, the next kid does the same and runs off happy.
Cut to them getting home. The kid in the Dinkums kicks them off and runs to the fridge to get a drink. The second kid follows suit. As the second kid kicks off his shoes we can clearly see the state of his shoes versus the Dinkums and he leaves muddy wet feet marks from when he jumped in the puddle. Enter the mums. One mum notes that she cannot find a pair of shoes that can last him, she doesn’t want to fork out money but the cheap copies don’t last. Enter second mum explaining how she’s happy to pay that bit extra if it’s not the genuine article it doesn’t last.

Brand: Cobbers

Tagline:  Nowhere without Cobbers’

Advert concept: Manga Style Advert;
Spy crouches down behind a rock outside an airfield. Rugged, five o’clock shadow on his big chin, turtleneck, tactical looking cargo trousers.
Laces up his shoes, we note that he has robotic arms.
The soles are exaggerated to look more like tyre tread.
Audible – you hear him say ‘Well, let’s go Cobbers’.
He sprints setting off after a carrier aircraft that’s taking off, free running, sliding through people’s legs.
We see him reach the wheel just as its taking off. He grabs it with both hands and force the plane to stay on the ground and the engines to burn out, whilst he holds onto the wheel with his robot arms his boots are all that is gripping the floor.
Reinforcements arrive, we see him handing someone over in handcuffs. A woman who appears to be the commanding officer congratulates our heroin.
Noting his robotic arms but he hints at the success if because of his Cobbers.

Brand: Nuddies

Tagline: The only thing you need’

Advert concept: 3D Animation style
Military base; helicopters flying over head with a few guys relaxing in a Barracks tent. One of them comes out in his pants and boots; drying his hair as if he’s just come out the shower.
‘Rack off Baird, do you ever take those off bro?’
‘Always keep your boots on, yous could learn from this’
Alarm goes off – hero saves the base with lots of kicking to bad guys. Whilst being congratulated with suds still in his hair he asks if he can go get dressed now.

Brand: Knickers

Tagline: You won’t have more fun than in a pair of knickers’


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