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Play and Learn Community Playgroup: SEO website copywriting | Keyphrase research | Logo design | Domain Sourcing | Website design & development

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NEED: Play and Learn, a well-established community playgroup, was facing increased competition from existing and emerging local nurseries. They needed a web presence that emphasized the unique and creative environment they offered children in its care. ACTION: A thorough survey of Play and Learn’s local competitor websites served to establish an authentic market position, distinct advantages and an optimised website page structure and hierarchy. The development of a strong brand identity was also important. A logo was designed to further differentiate the playgroup and establish a positive and vibrant colour palette on which to base website and icon design. A not for profit organisation with a conservative marketing budget, Play and Learn elected to commission an engaging 7-page website design based on the popular Moonfruit online editor. SEO website copywriting was kept clear and concise to allow the photography do much of the talking. Carefully selected imagery was strongly activity-based, blending a varied mix of in-door and outdoor learning topics. The interjection of strong, unsolicited testimonials from happy parents was another important factor in the playgroup’s website design IMPACT: Since launching its website, the playgroup has seen a marked increase in the number of enquiries it receives. It has also been met with very positive responses from parents glad to see an online presence that reflects Play and Learn’s good standing in the local community.


Play and Learn Community Playgroup in Pen-y-Fai, Bridgend provides your child with the perfect environment for developing their early learning.


We encourage children to learn new skills, through play and focused tasks, preparing them in the best way possible for the challenges of life and school ahead.


A not-for-profit community based playgroup, we care passionately about one thing – the children entrusted to us. We want them to be happy and to help them to achieve their full potential.


Please get in touch with us today. We’d love to look after your child.