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P&O – coffee table magazine

These numbers add up to a lot of superliner…

A cool £250,000,000 to build. 290 metres long. 84,000 tonnes. Capacity for over 2,000 guests and nearly 1,000 staff. Arcadia was brand new, big and beautiful.

But after a successful launch into the water how do you deliver a successful launch into the market? What about a coffee table-style magazine called Arcadian?

This project involved a number of firsts for me. I’d never been on a cruise ship before (sadly, it was parked in Southampton at the time). The magazine was conceived to work for both trade and consumer audiences – a tricky brief for a writer. And I worked in partnership with another seasoned freelancer, sharing all the scribbling, editorial, interviewing and research duties.

The good news is the process and the magazine – like Arcadia itself – worked out beautifully.


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