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Blog Post Powerful Remarketing Statistics You Need to Know Right Now

Facebook Remarketing Statistics: Privacy Versus Personalization

It turns out that not everyone is as impressed with retargeting as we are. Which isn’t too surprising given that remarketing involves using cookies (pixel code) to track specific users and continually advertise to them with increasing accuracy.

Lucky for us, the battle between the two sides of this debate has yielded some very interesting Facebook Remarketing stats:

According to eMarketer in their recent report Consumer Attitudes on Marketing 2019 one in four US consumers are currently using a form of ad blocking. Obviously some people don’t like being followed around the internet.

But don’t get too downcast yet.

56% of users surveyed in September 2018 by programmatic exchange OpenX and The Harris Poll said relevant ads didn’t bother them.

And on top of that, Salesforce reports that US consumers will tolerate ads if they’re expecting them and/or if they’re incentivized. And of those with 57% percent of consumers stating that they’re willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts.

These stats are backed up by Smart insights who report that consumers are willing to sacrifice their privacy in order to get a better deal – as in 47% of people said they were comfortable being tracked online if they could get a better deal on a product or service.

“The takeaways are simple: Consumers will engage with your remarketing ads so long as your ads are worthwhile and reflect their experience with your brand consistently throughout the remarketing process. If it’s going to get them a better deal in the end, most people are in for the ride.”


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