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Sphero BB8 + Force Wristband

Treat your nearest and dearest Star Wars fan to this update of one of last year’s must-have gifts. Use the force to guide the Battle-worn BB-8 Droid to safety in your own home, with a Jedi approved Force Band and state of the art voice recognition and smartphone app. Saving the galaxy, or asking someone to put the kettle on, has never been so much fun as you record and send holographic messages to people in other rooms. This is the Droid you’re looking for.

Happy Plugs In-Ear Earphones With Mic and Remote – Leopard

Unleash your wild side with these stylish and striking animal print earphones from Happy Plugs. Complete with inbuilt microphone and remote and compatible with all smartphones and tablets, you’ll never be far from your music collection, so get ready to roar and knock their spots off!

Nailmatic Nail Polish: ‘Party’ Set (purple, pink, blue)

When your little one wants to look ‘just like Mummy’, but replacing the carpet every time becomes a chore, opt for child (and parent) friendly nail polish by Nailmatic. Safe to use and easy to remove, a little soap and water is all it takes to restore tiny fingernails and the living room rug to their original state. Available in a handy ‘party set’ containing a range of pastel colours.

Studio Roof: Archiville

Perfect for youngsters with dreams of becoming a civil engineer, architect, or maybe even a supervillain. Archiville is constructed from hardwearing, interconnecting pieces, giving your child total control of the city (insert supervillain laugh here as applicable).  Build skylines, transform landscapes and let their creativity run rampant. The colourful and bold design will fuel your child’s imagination, making it a fun gift that keeps giving over and over again.


Capture precious moments, and the downright silly ones too, with the stunning LOMO instant mini camera. Ideal for camera lovers and selfie specialists alike, the lightweight and stylish design of the Honolulu edition will bring a tropical splash to even the coldest of months. Develop snapshots instantly, just like in the good old days, and play about with additional lenses for creative, eye-catching effects to make the most of your subjects.

Dig A Stegosaurus Kit Multicoloured 4M Toys and Hobbies Children

For budding archaeologists, your little dino fan will enjoy conducting an excavation of their very own with a Dig a Stegosaurus kit. Make no bones about it, this is a fantastic present for curious children of all ages, who will delight in discovering the hidden dinosaur using special tools perfectly designed for little hands.

Montana Ghetto Blaster 3.0 Speaker with USB port. Includes 6

The Montana Ghetto Blaster is a joy to behold and also fantastic to listen to. It’s a truly unique gift for the music lover in your life. Combining modern technology with old school street cred, it works with all smartphones to produce high quality sound (although we can’t take responsibility for musical tastes).

LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone 6/6s Case – Urban Outfitters

Legend has it that the perfect selfie is out there, if only someone could shed some light on the matter. With inbuilt LED lighting to gently illuminate your best features, the LuMee Perfect Selfie case will raise your Instagram game to legendary status.  Give your iPhone’s model making potential a boost, highlighting those cheekbones and contouring those (ahem) double chins, the Lumee iPhone case makes all your sides your ‘good side’.

Kreafunk aHEAD Headphones – Urban Outfitters

For the person in your life who has everything, you can guarantee they’ll be smiling from ear to ear with a pair of Kreafunk aHEAD headphones. Sleek, stylish and minimalist in subtle grey tones these headphones ooze Scandinavian chic design. And, combined with exceptional sound quality, it makes them the perfect present for uber cool hipsters and on-trend fashionistas.

BubbleLick Safe Edible Party Blow Bubbles, Pack of 6 Bottles by BubbleLick: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

A children’s party favourite, bubbles bring so much joy to the faces of mini party guests. But why should kids have all the fun? BubbleLick Edible Party Bubbles will entertain your big guests too. Simply add a flavoured drink to the edible bubble solution, and watch as your party try to guess the tipple as bubbles burst on their tongues.  (Just a quick tip: don’t forget to use non-alcoholic drinks for the little guests who’ll want to join in when they see the adults having so much fun)

Basset Hound Necklace

Surprise your favourite dog lover with a quirky and eye-catching Basset Hound necklace. Crafted from acrylic and decorated with Swarovski crystals, this characterful jewellery will attract attention and get people talking. And for added ‘awww’ factor, £3 from every sale will go to Battersea Cats & Dogs Home. Now, that’s not to be sniffed at.

Bright Ideas Pack – Tech Will Save Us

Inspire the miniature people around you to get involved with science and technology, with this fun pack bursting with ideas. Watch the little ones light up (not literally) as they learn about electricity and solar power through building their own gadgets and gizmos.

Learn about the Mover Kit from Tech Will Save Us

Coding is becoming an essential skill and what better way to show kids how technology can be exciting, by getting them to run, jump and play with a gadget they’ve built and programmed themselves? Introduce the kids to tech the fun way, with innovative and easy to use packages, like the Mover Kit, from TechWillSaveUs.

Synth and Speaker Kit – TechWillSaveUs

Kids are noisy. They sing. They shout. They bang. They crash…. So, they’ll enjoy nothing more than learning how to turn any object into a speaker to project sound all over the house. Now, combine this with a DIY electronic music synthesizer. Hours of fun for the whole family. The TechWillSaveUs Synth and Speaker Kit, will introduce younger family members to technology in a fun, engaging and audible way.

Buy LEGO Star Wars Rogue One 75153 AT-ST Walker | John Lewis

WARNING: Suitable for 8+ years (you might have a hard time handing this LEGO AT-ST Walker over to younger relatives, because you’ll want to keep it for yourself).

Star Wars and LEGO. A combination that dreams are made of. Take on the rebels with this large-scale LEGO Star Wars Rogue One AT-ST Walker with working features, such as moving legs and an opening hatch. Keep it for yourself and relive your childhood memories or share it with others and educate the next generation of Jedi, whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time.

Oh! I forgot to mention the spring-loaded shooters? That’s right. Spring. Loaded. Shooters.

Make sure this one goes on your wish list.

Smiggle Neon Headphones

No need to turn up the volume, Smiggle Neon Headphones are already loud and proud. With a bright and bold design, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.  Smiggle headphones offer comfortable padding and also boast a great sound quality. They’re compatible with all smartphones and tablets, and you can even fold them up so they’re easy to carry whilst you’re on the go.

DIY Dream Catcher Kit Ecru Happy Go Lucky Toys and Hobbies Teen 

Get crafty and have a good night’s sleep with the DIY Dream Catcher kit. In the Native American Indian culture, it’s believed that dreams float through the air at night. A Dream Catcher hung above a bed catches nightmares in its net, allowing good ones to float through the centre, so that a sleeping person will only ever have pleasant dreams. Make your own Dream Catcher with this easy to use kit, and keep bad dreams at bay.

My Dad Used to Be So Cool: Amazon.co.uk: Keith Negley: 9781909263949: Books

From dad dancing to their fashion sense, Dad’s typically get a tough rap from their kids, and it’s hard for youngsters to imagine their parents ever having a life before they came along. ‘My Dad Used to Be Cool’ is a beautifully illustrated picture book by Keith Negley, and is packed with emotion and nostalgia, fondly revisiting the life of a person before they became known as ‘Dad’. Whatever the occasion, celebrate the rock star in your life, and let him know he’s still cool with the perfect bedtime read.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs are amongst the fastest growing occupations, so give your child a head start with the Rule Your Room kit. Problem solving and creativity come alive with a fun-filled package of inventions that any child will love to have in their room. Using magnets, power packs and a whole host of accessories, little scientists can make anything from Burglar Buzzers to Creepy Eyeballs. Parents Keep Out!

Cluedo Board Game

It’s been a rainy day staple item for years, and now it’s time to introduce the next generation to the classic whodunit board game, Cluedo. Dust off your old deerstalker, revisit the library and meet a whole host of colourful characters with your family. You’ll finally get to put those forensic skills you’ve acquired from TV dramas to good use. Cluedo provides timeless fun and will continue to entertain for years to come.

Unicorn Hunting Trophy

Now you can own your very own unicorn, stylized with bright colours and a striking geometric design, and proudly display the elusive, mythical creature in any room of the house. All you have to do is a little bit of self-assembly (which is easy enough) and then pick a location to show off your unique unicorn trophy. (NOTE: No real unicorns have been harmed in the making of this product).

Règle du temps Calendar – Perpetual calendar & ruler Ligt wood by L’atelier d’exercices

With a unique design and beautifully crafted from beech wood, the Regle du temps/Monthly Measure Calendar will stand the test of time.  Doubling as both a calendar and ruler, this multi-functional little tool will come in handy.  Simply roll and position the metal star within the wooden notches to show the day and date. It will make a lovely addition to any workspace.

Star Wars : A Galaxy of Colouring – Trouva

In a galaxy far, far away, they could have done with a little more colour to brighten their day. With a tall, evil bloke swanning around in long black cloaks, a flourish of pink or yellow might have made him a little less moody. But now, you can lead the rebellion, and colour the universe your way. Make a taupe Tatooine a little more green, or turn Chewy blue-y, now’s your chance to get creative with Star Wars: A Galaxy of Colouring.

Lucie Kaas Bordfolk Egg Cups – Trouva

Make room at the table for the charming and bright Bordfolk. These Nordic ‘Table People’ originate from 1960s Denmark, and could quite possibly be the most fun and stylish cups your eggs have ever seen. A welcome addition to any breakfast setting, let the Bordfolk keep you company as you dip your soldiers.

Bacon Kit – Cure Your Own Bacon At Home!

Who hasn’t sat there and thought ‘I wish I could make 1kg of bacon right here at home’? I know, right? Sandy Leaf Farm Bacon Kit is a crackling gift for meat aficionados and culinary heroes. Complete with all you need to cure your own meat, the Bacon Kit is simple to use (all you need to do is supply the pork belly or pork loin) and you’ll have great tasting, high quality produce in just one week. It will make you think twice about trotting over to supermarket bacon again.


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