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Press Release – Cadbury (Assignment on copywriting course)


This press release will be aimed at a national newspaper and in the business section. Cadbury are going to start using cocoa from Venezuela because not only are the beans better but they want to help save the cocoa trees that are in decline.





Press Release





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How  Venezuela’s  dying  cocoa  trees  will  change  Cadbury’s  chocolate


Birmingham,  UK, –  Chocolate  giants  Cadbury  have  changed  60%  of  their  supplies  of  cocoa  beans.  For  years  the  company  have  used  cocoa  farmers  in  Ghana,  West  Africa  to  produce  their  world  famous  chocolate.  However, from  next  week  all  of  Cadbury’s  products  will  hit  the  shelves  containing  chocolate  from  the  ‘criollo’  bean  found  in  Venezuela.  Recent  research  has  confirmed  that  the  ‘criollo’  bean  can  bring  extra  quality to  the  products.


Bringing in  the  cocoa  from  Venezuela  will  allow  Cadbury to  improve  the  taste  of  their  products  and  keep  developing  them. The  cocoa  found  on  the  ‘criollo’  tree  is  reddish  in  colour  and  has  a  complex  taste,  as Cadbury’s  head  chocolatier  Adam  Saunders  explained,  ‘the  criollo  bean  has  a very  distinct  taste  and  consists  of  vanilla,  caramel  and  nuts  and  is  a  perfect  match  for  our  products.’


The ‘criollo’ tree  has  been  ravished  by  disease  in  recent  decades  and  is  now  predominantly  found  in  Venezuela.  This means that there is  a  shortage  of  cocoa  farmers  in  the  country.  Cadbury is funding a research  programme  to  develop  a  cure  quicker  which  is  being  conducted  at  San  Diego  University  in  California.  Furthermore, the  chocolate  giant  is  funding  the  Venezuelan  cocoa  farmers  through  the  fair  trade  programme  and  adding  many  of  them  to  the  programme for  the first  time.


Rodrigo  Sanchez,  a  Venezuelan cocoa  farmer  said, ‘for  decades  I’ve  been  producing  cocoa  beans  for  foreign  companies  and  haven’t  earned  enough  to  keep me  and  my  family.  Hearing  that  Cadbury  will  add  me to  the  fair  trade  programme  means  I   will  be  able  to  improve  my  business  and  living  conditions.’


Cadbury  has  also  confirmed  that  the  farmers  in  Ghana  will  still  be  supported  and  their  produce  will  still  be  used  in  many  of  their  products  and  that  the  farmers  that  do  lose  out  on  future  business  will  still  be  supported  in  some  capacity.






  • Client – Cadbury
  • Type of business: Producers of a variety of chocolate products, sold globally
  • Founded in 1824
  • Based: Birmingham, UK
  • Owned by Mondelez International
  • Current suppliers are cocoa farmers in Ghana
  • Adding a supplier from Venezuela





  • Cadbury are hosting a competition on their website. Fill out a simple entry form online and the winner will receive a pack of 4 dairy milk bars made by the new cocoa bean
  • Pictures: 1.  A picture of the criollo coca beans with a caption – ‘the criollo cocoa bean grown in Venezuela.’
  1. The standard dairy milk bar with a caption – ‘the dairy milk bar will have a new taste with the criollo cocoa bean’


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