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Architekt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  • Stylish silver bath and shower tap combo for a modern look
  • Constructed from solid brass for long-lasting durability and pleasing heft in the hand
  • Several layers of chrome plating add finesse and flair to any bathtub
  • Smooth finish is gorgeous to look at and easy to clean
  • Diverter facilitates shower or tap use for ease of operation
  • Comes with all necessary fixtures and a five-year guarantee

Decisions, decisions. The daily choice between the speedy efficiency of a scalding hot shower or the delicious decadence of a relaxing bath can be a tough one to consider – which is why it’s best to have both bases covered. With the Architekt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap combo, now you can put off such an arduous decision until the last moment, since with the flick of a switch the water is diverted from the taps below to the shower head on high. If you really want, you can even indulge in both a bath and shower at the same time!

With several layers of chrome plating adorning this one-stop solution for your bathing needs, the Architekt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap is sure to add a touch of class to your bathroom through its sleek, silver appearance. The smooth finish is highly reflective and instantly eye-catching, as well as being incredibly easy to clean… but don’t be fooled by that shiny exterior. Underneath, the taps are built from solid brass materials, meaning they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting, and impart a reassuring heft to the touch. The quarter-turn ceramic disc technology is a further deterrent against wear and tear, reducing the strain on the unit itself and on your wrists in its operation.

What’s more, the multiple chrome layers discourage discolouration on the unit and increase its shelf-life, meaning it’ll look as glorious and glamorous as the day of installation for many moons to come. The two-tap design make it as easy as child’s play to adjust both flow and temperature – simply move the left tap outwards to increase the flow of hot water, while doing the same to the right one will cool things down with a spurt of cold. Meanwhile, the centrally-located diverter pin can be pulled upwards to divert the water stream to the shower head or returned to its downward position to fill up the tub.

The unit is suitable for all kinds of plumbing systems, making it the perfect choice for every bathtub regardless of size, space and individual circumstances. It comes equipped with an additional ABS shower handset for increased versatility, connected to the central unit via a 1.5m flexible hose to meet the needs of bathers both tall and petite. It also comes complete with all of the necessary mounting accoutrements, so that you can install both the main tap unit and the showerhead holder wherever you feel is most appropriate in next to no time.

Architekt Ibbardo take pride in imbuing all of their products with the utmost quality and precision, and simultaneously prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. With that in mind, every Architekt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap comes equipped with an incredible five-year guarantee as standard, so you can simply let all of your worries melt away… except for one. Which is it to be, bath or shower? The choice is all yours.


Jonny Sweet

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