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Extra mild multisoap for face, body and hands by Danish skincare brand Powder Keg. This gentle but effective formula is fragrance free, sulfate free and suitable for all the family, even children. Make up remover. pH 5.5.

What does it do for you?
You really don’t need different cleansers for different parts of body. This innovative low pH liquid soap removes dirt, impurities and even make up without dryness or irritation. Will not sting the eyes.

How does it work?
Many mainstream cleansers contain sulfates which strip the natural protective oils from the surface of the skin. Instead, this all in one soap uses gentle cleansing agents derived from coconut combined with skin-identical glycerine to protect your skin barrier and prevent dryness. The low pH 5.5 matches the natural pH of your skin barrier.

Which results can you expect/when?
Clean, silky soft skin.
USAGE(directions): 35 words
Apply to wet skin on the face, body or hands. Work into a lather, cleanse and rinse thoroughly.

Routine 1
Dry hands thoroughly after washing or moisture will evaporate and dry out your skin and cuticles. Apply handcream straightaway to lock in moisture for soft supple hands.
Routine 2
Keep one in the shower to use as a body wash. Don’t rub wet, delicate skin; instead, blot dry with a microfibre towel which absorbs moisture. Apply nourishing body lotion whilst skin is still damp.
Routine 3
You can even use it to cleanse your face because it is pH 5: the same as your skin. Many shower gels and soaps are far too alkaline and harsh for the delicate skin on your face.
Routine 4
It even removes make up!
Routine 5
Great for children because it won’t sting if it runs into their eyes in the shower.

This mild soap is kind to sensitive skin and can be used whenever needed. Many alkaline soaps dry our skin out over time, but this multisoap is ph5, which matches the natural pH of our skin.

Advice + tips:

How do I get the best results/Combinations with other products: 30 words

Do not use hot water on your face and body – it will dry out your skin and damage your skin barrier. Try and apply moisturiser or body lotion whilst your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

Bullet points:
Fragrance free
Sulfate free
pH 5
Multisoap: face, body & hands
Suitable for all the family
Make up remover
Very mild, non-drying formula which will not irritate eyes.


Charlotte Wilkes

Charlotte Wilkes Beauty Writer