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Profile interview for Qatar Airways magazine

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I interviewed the spiritual guru Deepak Chopra for a feature in Oryx Premium - the Qatar Airways inflight magazine for business and first class passengers.


Deepak Chopra

Few individuals excite as much controversy as Deepak Chopra, but the doctor and spiritual guru, shaped by his eclectic upbringing, is without doubt a pioneer.

Interviewed by Marie-Anne Hamilton

In 1970, aged 22, Deepak Chopra arrived in New York with just $8 in his pocket and a thirst for adventure. “It was like Disney World to me,” he remembers. “I made a collect call to the hospital where I was to work, and they picked me up in a helicopter. I’d never seen anything like this – I’d never even seen a television set.”

Recently graduated from university in New Delhi, and having done a stint as a doctor in rural India, he was taking his first steps in an extraordinary career. While his views on science and alternative medicine have been much criticised, he is a beguiling figure, winning the respect of Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna. Moreover, he is a best-selling author, philanthropist and businessman with an estimated $80 million fortune.

Now 66, he shows no signs of slowing down, and having written his first book on weight loss, he is launching his new Weightless Project – an inspired plan to tackle obesity in America, while easing starvation in India and Africa.


Deepak Chopra in Oryx Premium