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Rebranding of an online radio station

About this project

I worked on the rebranding of the online radio station and phone app The company owners wanted to change the name as they were attracting a teenage listener rather than the more affluent audience they were targeting. Finding available web domains was one of the biggest challenges, and we eventually settled on MusicHub. Rebranding is still in progress, but the text opposite is from an email sent to existing listeners.


SBJ: We’ve got a new name!  And great new features!

Dear listener,


We have exciting news. We’ve been working hard to make even better, and as part of our revamp, we’re changing our name to MusicHub. The name reflects our new social networking features, which are coming soon, along with other thrilling developments.


From xxxxxxx, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 50 channels of incredible music handpicked by our expert team of DJs.


FAN and PRO members will be able to create playlists of their favourite tracks for the first time – as well as controlling the music stream by skipping and repeating tracks.


In the near future, you’ll also be able to connect with friends and find new ones on our thriving network of music lovers. It’s a new way to bond with like-minded people, and who knows, you may even……