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Rockins Mainline – Press Release

Established in 2014, the Rockins story began with a silk skinny scarf, it’s founders devoted to an ideal of vintage-inspired style driven by music. It is with this philosophy that Rockins present Mainline. A collection of authentic denim for non-stretch devotees. Denim for the tough. Denim for rule-breakers. Denim for purists. Denim for rock n roll. Denim for original thinkers. Denim for non-conformists.


Taking inspiration from the era they hold so dear, Rockins Mainline is an entirely unique collection of non-stretch denim, tees and shirts. Founders Jess Morris and Tim Rockins are calling for a re-education on denim. Tired of identikit stretch jeans that have lined our wardrobes for many years, the pair are promoting a return to authentic, un-pretentious fashion. Think Debbie Harry in her Levis 505s or Joan Jett rocking out in heavy-weight, structured jeans; these are icons for a new generation of denim style.

Unlike stretch jeans, non-stretch denim offers an instant lift, giving support that lasts from morning to sundown. The women’s range of denim features a shorter back rise than usual with a high western signature pocket that flatters the figure and creates that much desired ‘W-shape’ silhouette. The collection caters to both men and women, all with a pre-washed finish for that louche, lived-in feel.

“Ultimately, we have saturated the market with unflattering stretch denim. Let’s go back to that lived-in and locked-in feeling you get from proper jeans” Jess Morris, British Vogue February 2016.

With retro designs comes a whole new way of caring for your denim. Just like original non-stretch denim, Rockins jeans are designed to be washed as infrequently as possible. While the fit may feel tight to begin with, the 100% cotton will soon breathe and support your natural shape. Expect a range of waist heights, fits and washes, from high rise slim legs to medium indigo loon pants with heavy worn patching.

Along with a wide selection of jeans styles, Rockins Mainline also features 70s style waistcoats, relaxed shirts and denim jackets. Flashes of the brand’s signature prints and leather skins can be found lining collars and cuffs, with patches and badges hinting at an underlying punk spirit. Soft chambray shirts feature chevron details and fully customised cuffs while the brand’s original printed silks adorn slim-fit shirts. Relaxed tees are effortlessly knocked back, with faded prints and motifs, instilling a sense of nonchalance and ease throughout the collection.

Rockins Mainline harks back to an age of authenticity. This collection is defined by the romance and purity of denim; from putting your jeans on in the bath for the perfect fit, to picking them up off the bedroom floor the next morning, the Rockins brand conjures up a story with every piece. With expertly crafted vintage-inspired designs, originality seems more relevant than ever before.


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