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Royal Mail Door to Door.

Royal Mail’s door drop service is an easy, affordable way for SMEs to find new customers – even if they don’t have any marketing experience. To dramatise this, I created a DM and web campaign focusing on the fact that with Royal Mail, a new customer can cost less than 5p.

Simple and very effective, the campaign includes lead-generating DM and a website including step-by-step advice on creating a best-practice door drop from scratch.

Here’s the letter from the DM. If you’re curious, I’ll post my guide to creating highly successful door drops (and pretty well any other direct marketing ad) in a blog.


<Outer envelope – 5p piece visible through envelope window>

What can this buy your business these days?



With Royal Mail Door to Door leafleting, 5p could find you a new customer

Dear Mr Sample,

In today’s economy, every penny has to count. So if you’re thinking of spending money to find new customers, you can’t ignore Royal Mail Door to Door.

<encapsulated 5p piece>

From just 4.8p per prospect, we’ll put you in front of the people most likely to become new customers. It’s incredibly good value compared with most other advertising, and as our service is so targeted it can deliver spectacular results.

In fact, British Marketing Survey data shows leaflets through the door gave almost 7% response in the last 3 months of 2010. That’s the best of any medium – even TV and email didn’t come close.

Only Royal Mail gets you noticed like this

As Marketing Week commented recently, doordrops have a big impact:

“ [leaflets] provide stand-out … 87% of consumers recalled leaflets posted through the door, compared with 69% for TV, 35% for email and 30% for online ads.”

But with Royal Mail door drops it gets even better, because we deliver your message along with the post. That means recipients automatically look at it, and treat it differently from other leaflets.

No wonder that thousands of businesses already profit from Royal Mail door drops – from local companies to big names like Lloyds TSB. Ready to join them?

We make it easy

With a Royal Mail door drop, we do the hard work to make sure your message hits home. As well as pinpointing the best places to find new customers, we’re here to help from start to finish. And we’ll also let you in on the design secrets professionals use to make leaflets even more effective.

Start talking to new customers – fast

Royal Mail door drops have helped thousands of businesses make more sales to more new customers. So if you’d like to do the same, we’re ready and waiting to help.

Now with our exclusive trial discount, there’s never been a better time to do it. For more information and to see how Royal Mail Door to Door delivers great results for businesses like yours, go to www.royalmail.com/tbc.Or to talk now and find out how big your exclusive discount can be, call 0800 000 0000.


Yours sincerely,

<Name & title tbc>

Jonathan Bradley

Luxus Worldwide




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