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Sales letter for The Perfect Practice

March 6th 2015



A net profit in excess of 40% of your fee income






That profit margin looks good doesn’t it?


Paul Miller of Cornish Accounting Solutions thought so. He knew that in order to survive he had to grow his business.


And he knew that to do this he needed to improve how he and his team ran his practice.


So Paul began a programme to cut waste, improve workflow and equip his staff with new skills and ways of working.


His business changed instantly. His team committed to the programme straight away, becoming much more motivated and focused. Now he can clearly see how he’ll double his sales income over the next three years.


Here’s how you can do it too


If you:


  • Are ambitious and would like to grow your business but don’t know where to start
  •  Would like to sell your business in the future but know it’s not yet in a fit state to market
  • No longer enjoy running your practice and feel frustrated by everyday tasks

Please join me and my colleagues for breakfast on 19th March.


Introducing The Perfect Practice


My name is Gordon Sealey and I’ve been working with Paul Miller for a while now.


With my partners here at The Perfect Practice I can help you create systems that will:


  • Identify and cut waste in your business
  • Resolve your workflow and capacity problems
  •  Consistently get the best performance from your team


These new ways of working mean your clients will be more satisfied and your client retention rate will rise.


They mean your business will be able to grow its profits to 40% of your recurring fee income – or more.


And they mean you can find pleasure in running your own practice again.


Who we are


The team at The Perfect Practice have an unparalleled level of expertise in lean systems thinking and its application for accountancy practices.


We are:


Dr Alun Batley

Alun has a PhD in Sustainable Performance Improvement and is a leading authority on lean thinking and how to apply it. He has worked with Bosch, Royal Mint, Panasonic and Greggs Bakery as well as many SMEs and smaller organisations from both the public and private sector.


David Owen

David is the former managing director of AVNCP and has given coaching support to many firms of accountants. The chairman of AVN, Steve Pipe, described David as, “Probably the most experienced advisor to accountancy practices in the UK today”.


Gordon Sealey

Gordon was an accountant in a former life. He has been an E-Myth coach in the UK and is now master licensee for Michael Gerber’s entrepreneurial incubator programme “The Dreaming Room”. Michael described Gordon as, “Quite a wonderful man, an extraordinary business coach and a world-class facilitator”.


Together we bring a fresh approach to how you can create systems for your accountancy practice that drive continuous improvement and build the business you want.


Your personal invitation


We’re holding a small meeting at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole at 9.00 a.m. on Thursday 19th March.


We warmly invite you to join us and enjoy a free breakfast while we introduce you to the methods that will help you grow a more profitable business. There is, of course, absolutely no obligation and be assured it will take less than two hours of your time.


We’ll be joined at the meeting by Tony Mattravers of Growth Accelerator, part of the government’s Business Growth Service.


Tony administers a number of grants that you may be able to access. If you are eligible this will give you at least £3,000 of funding and could be more, depending on the programme you undertake.


We also hope, time and technology permitting, that Paul Miller will join us for part of the morning. We’ll use a video link so Paul can talk to you himself about how he grew his business.


You don’t have to do anything to book. Just put the date in your diary and I’ll call you in the next day or two to confirm your attendance.


However, we can only meet with up to twenty people so please, don’t miss this opportunity to have a more profitable practice.


I look forward to talking to you soon. And to meeting you on 19th March.






Gordon Sealey


P.S. Please don’t waste any more time worrying about your business and what you should do to improve it. Just put the morning of 19th March in your diary and we’ll show you a simple, effective and sustainable way to grow the business you want.


Sarah Russell

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