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Happy Dihallowfawkes!

Bonfire Night was the highlight of autumn when I was younger, but now I’m an adult and a #CatDad, it’s the only time of year that fills me with seasonal dread. Scared cats and fireworks are a bonfire night tradition I would like to end! My cat is nervous by nature (definitely not nurture!). When we first got to know each other, I realised sudden noises and unexpected movements would make her jump, but all cats associate loud noises and sudden bangs with danger.

To keep my cat calm, she and I have a routine we follow as the season I call ‘Dihallowfawkes’ begins. I’m sharing some tips to help your cat have a happy fireworks season!

Keep your cat indoors, please! This is so important. Start getting them into a routine as soon as the evenings get darker. Lock any cat flaps or block access to make your home escape-proof. But don’t confine your cats to a small space like the bathroom where they’ll feel trapped.

DO Provide safe spaces for them to hide safely indoors. Make it cosy but remember to give them space if they need it.

Keep all the curtains and blinds closed so they don’t notice any flashes. I find turning on all the lights helps too.

Play some relaxing music! I was amazed how much this Spotify playlist helped my cat relax, and there are some highly recommended CDs available.

Stock up on their favourite treats and try distracting them with a new toy. Mine will go for pretty much anything with catnip but she loves this rainbow the best.

Feliway plug-ins are amazing, refillable, and come with a money-back guarantee. They’ve worked really well for my cat and have reduced the number of “accidents” all year round!

Don’t forget you can book one of our lovely cat sitters to come and be with your little loved ones for an evening or longer. Have a look at our website or contact us on 07xxx xxxxxx for more details.

Let’s all have a safe and happy Dihallowfawkes.

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