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Has moving abroad to Singapore been a dream?

Are you one of thousands of people who have spent years of international travel for business, work, or pleasure?  Is migration something you have considered, but the logistics and uncertainty have put you off?  Living overseas can become a reality for you and your family, whether you are a family group, a couple or making the move on your own, for work, study, or retirement.  We are here to help, as world leaders in international removals.

If you are in the UK and want to relocate to a commonwealth country, Singapore located in Southeast Asia off the coast of Malaysia is definitely worth exploring.

Here are five reasons to relocate to Singapore in 2020:

Low crime rates:  Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it extremely safe.  This is due to their extremely strict punishments.  In turn the country is meticulously clean.

Career opportunities:  Some major investors including Google, Amazon and BP operate in Singapore.  There is always demand for a highly skilled workforce, giving ample opportunities for UK expatriates to shine in their chosen field.

Low tax rate:  Singapore has a progressive tax rate, based on the amount you earn, if you earn below £22,000 you pay 0% and the highest is 22% if you earn £320,000 or more.  There is no inheritance or capital gains tax and residents only pay tax on earnings in Singapore, making it an extremely popular choice.

Climate in Singapore:  The climate is tropical as it is situated near the equator, so you can expect hot and humid conditions.  Average temperatures are 31°c (88° f) during the day and slightly cooler at night.  The “coolest” months are December and January.

Standard of Living:  Singapore is world-renowned for its high standard of living.  This is based on personal safety, security, political stability, and sustainable economic growth.  The city also offers excellent recreation and leisure facilities.  Including theatres, arts festivals, sports attractions, shopping, parks, gardens, and a multi-cultural food scene.

However due to the unprecedented circumstances and current travel restrictions on movements due to the covid-19 pandemic.    The foreign and commonwealth office have advised against all non-essential travel overseas.  But this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your plans of living overseas.

We are fully insured up to £1 billion and will guarantee all your personal belongings are packed securely in the UK and shipped by your preferred method, either plane or boat and unpacked safely in Singapore.  We offer competitive cost-effective move packages and will ensure your belongings are delivered in a timely manner.  Our unique GPS tracking system allows you to check the progress of your shipment.  Along with a single point of contact to ensure moving abroad goes without a problem.  We are still taking enquiries, carrying out video surveys and will be happy to provide quotations and move plans.  For further details please call 0800 345345, e-mail pssremovals@gmail.com or visit our website www.pssremovals.co.uk to read customer reviews.


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