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Summary: Blended learning is all about getting the most out of your learners in an environment that suits your training needs. From learning objectives to the appropriate resources, today we’re looking at the key elements of a successful blended learning program.

Blended Learning Program: The Key Elements Of An Impactful Training

The key the blended learning is all in the name. The perfect blend of eLearning and classroom-based training is the core component of successful learning in the workplace. However, it’s not just about the courses you offer and how you deliver them. When it comes to creating effective training courses for your employees, it’s vital to assess your current practices and how they can be improved. The perfect blend looks different to each organisation and each course your employees are undertaking. So we’ve put together our top 7 key elements of high impact blended learning programs.

1. Clearly Defined Learning Objectives

Before you can begin putting a learning program together, it is important to fully understand and evaluate the objectives of the training. The objectives you set will impact the way the courses are delivered and the blend of eLearning and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) you need in order to achieve them. A varied approach to learning is shown to increase engagement with learning as well as information retention. Your learning objectives provide the blueprints for any training program so it is vital that everyone involved in the creation and implementation of your upcoming blended learning program has a clear understanding of what is expected from your learners.

2. Analysis Of Current Completion And Engagement Rate

Another important step in creating a new blended learning program is understanding your current completion and engagement rates. Measuring engagement in workplace learning is multi-faceted and a vital insight when it comes to planning new courses and modules. From collecting feedback from your learners to assessing your current completion rates, these insights will help you shape more effective and engaging learning for your new blended learning program.

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