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2022 has been dubbed the year of the ‘Great Resignation’ or ‘Great Reshuffle’. Since the start of the pandemic, more and more workers are looking for autonomy. Here are a few ways having the right vendor management tech can help you make the most of that workforce in a less traditional way.

When and Why Did the Great Resignation Start?

By now, we’ve all heard the term and see new people pop up on LinkedIn every day starting a new role or leaving their jobs to become self-employed. Federal data from the US government shows that 4 million people left their jobs in January 2022 alone and 48 million people moved on from their positions across 2021.

But why now?

In the two years since the pandemic started, ongoing lockdowns, shifting rules, and drastic changes to working environments have given people a lot to think about. Whether it’s the work-from-home crowd who no longer want the constraints of 9-5 corporate life, or the frontline workers who’ve decided it’s time to move on, many people’s priorities have changed. And with those changes in priorities has come a huge wave of freelancers and independent contractors.

While much of the narrative around the Great Resignation has been negative, we don’t believe it needs to be. The Great Resignation can have huge advantages for many companies.


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