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SnugToes: Website SEO copywriting & design | key phrase research | strapline | exhibition directory entry | advice on exhibition stand design & layout | press release writing.

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NEED: SnugToes heatable slippers were invented by a long-term sufferer of Raynaud’s syndrome, a condition affecting the blood supply to the toes and fingers, causing numbness, pins and needles and pain. She discovered that keeping her feet warm provided significant relief, though finding a product to achieve this conveniently, effectively and over a sustained period of time proved more difficult. She designed SnugToes slippers, received her first samples from the manufacturer and was committed to launching the product at an exhibition in 5 weeks time. A complete range of marketing communication materials was needed and time was tight. ACTION: Following an in-depth telephone briefing on the background to the product, its main features and key benefits, desk research was conducted into the medical conditions it helps with and the alternative solutions available. By directly comparing the SnugToes heat pad-based product with other remedies, and taking into account original keyphrase research conducted by Marcom Words, a unique competitive positioning was established for SnugToes and optimised website copywriting produced. ‘Comfort for cold feet’ was proposed as the SnugToes product strapline, helping to give clear focus to brand messaging from the outset. Website design and build followed, which established a brand identity derived from the previously designed SnugToes logo. Key aspects of the site included easy-to-use e-commerce and a simple ‘warm feet in 4 simple steps’ how-to-use graphic. Subsidiary marketing copywriting tasks included the exhibition directory entry and product launch press release, for press office and on-line product promotion. Advice on exhibition stand design and layout, product packaging and leaflets was also provided. IMPACT: SnugToes has proved to be a big hit with consumers, with on-line sales and enquiries happening within minutes of the exhibition launch. A positively disruptive influence on the heated slipper market, SnugToes has also attracted significant interest from major trade players. Though comprising only 5-pages, the SnugToes website within a few weeks ranked highly for all key search terms, including ‘heatable slippers’, ‘heated slippers’, ‘snugtoes’ and ‘snug toes’ too.


Warm up freezing cold and painful feet with a cosy pair of SnugToes, the super snuggly slippers with handy removable heat pads.


Pop the heat pads in the microwave, slip them in the slipper tops and enjoy that warm sunny feeling. You’ll have toasty toes in no time at all.


No need to put your slippers in the microwave, no need to plug them into an electric socket or connect them to a USB port, no need for hot water bottles or thick wooly socks either.


SnugToes heated slippers keep things simple, safe and sound. Hey, you can even walk around in them, which is even better for the circulation!


For women, for men and kids too, for anyone who wants nice warm feet there’s SnugToes


Warm feet in 4 simple steps: