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Social media ad campaign for klarify

I write the content for a lot of klarify’s social media ads (Facebook and Instagram). This US-based campaign is encouraging people to take a quick questionnaire that assesses how well their allergy symptoms are controlled.

It can be a tricky task creating ads for a pharmaceutical company as Facebook has strict advertising policies. Ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes which include medical conditions. So, we have to be creative in how we address the audience.

I created this 8-ad campaign around tapping into the emotive response of what it could feel like if allergy symptoms were under control.

Here’s an example of the content for one of the ads in the set:

Primary text 

Based on validated clinical studies and trusted by physicians, this 2-minute questionnaire measures how well you’re controlling your allergy symptoms

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What it feels like when allergy symptoms are under control

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FREE allergy quiz.
6 questions. Instant results.


Are you in control?


6 questions. Instant results

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