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Social Media Management for the Rule of Three Copywriting studio

About this project

The task was to create interesting, entertaining, persuasive copy for a company that specialises in copywriting. The joy was in using words to foster a love of words through Rule of Three's social media, on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Rule of Three had to be seen as experts in the field of copywriting, creative, mysterious masters of the medium. This had to be reflected in their social media, and to do so required creativity and much preparation. Thankfully I was happy to provide it.


  • Your perfect audience is out there. Make sure you are too.
  • No matter how many people you’re speaking to, speak to just one.
  • You decide on the limits of your ideas.
  • Understand your audience and they will understand you.
  • Make your impact. Make your mark. Make yourself known.
  • Don’t put yourself down, build yourself up.