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Sony Wearable Walkman Launch

Ready to wear

Wearable WALKMAN MP3 Player

Music you can wear

With the new all-in-one Wearable WALKMAN MP3 Player from Sony you can experience total freedom. This unique MP3 player fits compactly around your head so you can now be hands-free and totally wire-free.

Experience a product that’s tailored to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy great music with total ease and maximum comfort; so comfortable in fact, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Ready to jog

Find the perfect music for the moment, by ‘ZAPPIN’ forward or by using the ‘Jog Dial’ to scroll and select your ideal track without the need for buttons.

Ready to play

With EX earphones you can enjoy superior sound quality with minimised noise distortion to keep you focused on the game in hand.

Ready to workout

Enjoy the unique freedom and superior comfort of Sony’s Spiral earphones. Perfect for extreme movement, you can now listen to more music, with more flexibilty.

Ready to move

Music formats shouldn’t restrict your listening enjoyyment. So with built-in music compatibility, you can easily transfer songs from different sources on to your new Wearable WALKMAN.

Ready to go

With no headphone cables, you can have more freedom to enjoy your favourite music when you’re out and about, with nothing getting in your way.


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