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STQ Vantage: Website SEO copywriting | brochure copywriting, design and artwork | banner adverts

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NEED. STQ Vantage, one of the UK’s leading providers of height safety systems, required copywriting for an all-new website already under development. Marcom Words was approached to produce search engine optimised copy that would faithfully and accurately reflect STQ’s comprehensive service offering. ACTION: An initial branding workshop enabled a brand messaging framework to be created that would confirm STQ’s core values, unique attributes and real competitive benefits offered to customers. Based on the framework, the website page hierarchy was established. Competitor and general market research was then conducted to establish market positioning and website content strategy. Keyphrase research followed to identify the most relevant and significant keyphrases for search engine optimisation of the copywriting for the 14-page site. Following the successful launch of the new website, Marcom Words was subsequently commissioned by STQ to provide copywriting, graphic design and artwork for a 6-page A4 gatefold brochure to support the company’s fall protection system design and installation service. Strong brand identity cues for the brochure were taken from STQ’s recently revamped company logo, and the creative work already undertaken on the new website. The coherent brand image that resulted was then further applied to the production of a series of banner adverts designed to promote STQ’s all-in-one fall protection service. IMPACT: The new STQ website has met with a positive response from existing customers, suppliers and staff. Feedback has confirmed that it succeeds in providing a full account of the company’s complete fall protection service and re-emphasising its market leadership position. New visitor website traffic and search engine rankings have been boosted significantly since launch, while the system design and installation brochure has become recognised as a highly effective sales support tool. The copywriting and creative work, for both print and online marketing communications, has established a clear and highly differentiated brand identity for STQ.


Anyone working at height needs to feel safe.


They need to know that your business has provided them with all the right fall protection equipment, that it’s been installed correctly. No doubt.


Staff or contractors – on a roof or gantry – they need to feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve properly inspected the equipment and maintained it. No question.


Preventing your people from falling is a serious responsibility. As a specialist in roof safety system equipment, design, installation and inspection, it’s one we share with you.


For all your height safety obligations – for your complete peace of mind – get in touch with STQ Vantage, the height of safety.


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