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Sub-sea High Integrity Pressure Protection System – Specification

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Genesis has extensive experience in the design of high integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS) for both surface and sub-surface offshore installations. HIPPS are frequently used in oil & gas sub-sea completions, when the pressure rating of the sub-sea production pipeline is less than the closed in tubing head pressure of the sub-sea wells. For these applications, the installation of a fully rated production pipeline would be prohibitively expensive and so a HIPPS is used to provide the necessary protection. Safety instrumented systems (SIS) of this nature are normally designed to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 to mitigate the potential commercial risk arising from loss of integrity of the production pipeline. This safety requirements specification (SRS) highlights the important features of a typical sub-sea production pipeline HIPPS.


“HIPPS designed to protect sub-sea production pipelines demand a high level of design integrity because of the frequently hostile environments they operate in.
Following installation of a sub-sea HIPPS, access for modification or maintenance is very difficult, if not impossible. It is therefore essential that the design process is robust to ensure loss of function in service is minimised.”