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The Cycle-Rail Toolkit 2 for ATOC/RDG

About this project

The audience for The Cycle-Rail Toolkit 2 was rail industry colleagues in the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) – soon to become Rail Delivery Group (RDG). The publication also went to Train Operating Companies, the Department for Transport and Network Rail. The aim was to show best practice in the rail industry and what can be achieved by organisations working in partnership. Alison was engaged to sub-edit copy in Word and then proofread the PDF. Her job was to cut extraneous material from the ‘woolly’ draft, ensure no repetition of points, better consistency, a tighter read and for it to be reader-friendly. The client said: “Alison has a great eye, not only for spelling, punctuation and format, but also spotting potential banana skins. “During the writing process, there were a few glitches at our end and Alison did a magnificent job of comparing two similar versions of the text to work out which was correct.” The publication has had 2,273 hits on the RDG website, and the printed version has had to be reprinted to meet demand.


The rail network delivers 2.5 million people a day into Britain’s biggest cities and towns. Over the next 30 years this figure is expected to double. For this growth to be sustainable, the importance of cycle-rail as part of the seamless door-to-door journey can only increase. Since this toolkit was first published, cycle trips made to and from rail stations have grown considerably, with close to 40 million trips a year. This makes cycle-rail, as it’s called, one of the fastest growing segments of cycle use in the UK in modern times.


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