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Do things a little differently at your barbecue party this summer – after you light the coals, you can really spice things up with an Eastern-style sauce from Lee Kum Kee

FOR THE CHEF who tires of humdrum hot dogs, boring burgers, uninspiring salads and overcooked chicken wings, salvation has arrived in the form of Lee Kum Kee’s sauces. The family–owned company from Guangdong has been in the food game a while now (since 1888, to be precise), so it knows a thing or two about bringing genuine, authentic flavour to a party. When the sun starts shining and the coals are calling, bring out a real party atmosphere with one of Lee Kum Kee’s signature sauces. The brand of choice for Michelin-starred chefs from around the world has teamed up with experts from East and West to help you cook up a storm at your barbecue this year. Grilling just got a whole lot hotter.

Chicken burger with oyster sauce marinade and teriyaki mayonnaise, anyone? How about scallops in a white wine and plum sauce?  whether you’re a trendsetter or a traditionalist, there’s a recipe to whet your appetite. Chefs Arthur Potts Dawson of London and Calvin Tsoi of Hong Kong have teamed up to create these mouthwatering recipes using Lee Kum Kee sauces, which are certain to wow your guests in the summer sunshine.

Ditch the herbs, lower the salt and forget the pepper – the boys are here to teach you a trick or two. Premium Oyster, they says, works well as a marinade to accentuate flavour and bring out a delicious umami in your ingredients; while Oriental Sesame Dressing can be drizzled onto salad. Char Siu Sauce, meanwhile, has a savoury and sweet flavour, sure to spice up the party. Arthur and Calvin have made a list of essential tips for the budding barbecuer looking to impress in front of the grillthis year (right). For the full list use the QR code, and see more recipes at foodism.co.uk.


Lee Kum Kee’s chefs have come up

with some key tips for the perfect

barbecue. Follow these tips and

you’re bound to impress:

◆◆ Keep it clean, keep ‘em keen: a

clean grill is a happy grill.

◆◆ Don’t blacken thy name: boil (just a

bit), marinade, grill.

◆◆ Keep your hands to yourself:

let the charcoal do the talking;

interfere sparingly.

◆◆ Keep a lid on it: use a lid for an

earthy, smoky aroma.

◆◆ Spread the love: evenly-spread

charcoal grills meat more quickly.


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