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Thirty Second Radio Ad – Whitening Toothpaste

Radio Ad

Sfx: busy city street noise – quickly fading to background as announcer starts speaking . City street noises continue quietly in background as dialogue proceeds.
Announcer: (Lively DJ/roving reporter style)”How do you know whether a friend is a good friend or a not so good friend?”
(Next three lines delivered in rapid succession)
Group: (Three or four 20-30yrs olds mixed male/female and mixed accents) “They turn up on time?”
One of above females: “They make you chocolate cake!”
One of above males : “They’d lend you their phone?”
Announcer: “No, the best way is if your teeth need whitening, they’d tell you about Opaline.”
Group: (no background noise) “Opaline?”
Male: “ And Opaline is…?”
Announcer: “Opaline is an affordable way of whitening your teeth without harsh chemicals and abrasives. It’s a whitening toothpaste that is proven to be 150 per cent more effective than leading brands. Safe enough for daily use, Opaline removes all stains caused by tea, coffee and tobacco.”
Female: “Oh I geddit. Caring no damage to gums; caring no expensive costs; and caring that your friend looks good.”
SFx: Background city noise ends
Jingle: “Gentle, bright, white clean. Think smart. Choose Opaline.”
Professional voice: “Opaline; British Dental Association Approved. Available from all good chemists.”
Friendly , professional sounding voice:”Like us on facebook/Opaline or #OpalineClean” (background of teeth being brushed)

Sue Brown


West Yorkshire

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