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Thought Leadership Article (2) – Copywriting Agency

I drafted this second article in a series on thought leadership for a copywriting agency based in Bristol and London. View the full and final version here: https://www.strattoncraig.com/insight/why-you-should-measure-the-success-of-your-thought-leadership-strategy/

Sample text: Defining the key metrics of success at the outset of a content planning process will keep all participants aligned as you progress through the campaign. By establishing what success looks like, agreeing on how to measure it (and the appropriate timeframes for doing so), all stakeholders will have a shared understanding of what the programme is trying to achieve and by when. Clear expectations on all sides can help ensure buy-in and engagement from stakeholders across the business.

Although thought leadership programmes can take some time to bear fruit, it is also important to find ways to measure impact on an ongoing basis, so your team can learn from it in real-time. The learning cycle can be used to support your shorter-term sales efforts by providing faster feedback on where best to focus your resources.


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