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Thought Leadership Article (1) – Copywriting Agency

I drafted this first article in a series on thought leadership for a copywriting agency based in Bristol and London. View the full and final version here: https://www.strattoncraig.com/insight/how-to-create-quality-thought-leadership-content/

Sample text: “Now that we’ve looked at the potential benefits of thought leadership content, we’re going to explore how you can create great content for your audience. To be genuinely relevant to your audience, thought leadership content should be useful, insightful, well-researched, and thought-provoking.

Research from the 2020 Edelman-LinkedIn Thought leadership study found that decision-makers considered only 15% of the content they read as ‘Excellent or Very Good’, meaning that the remaining 85% was just OK or mediocre. To make an impact through your content, it must cut through the noise and rise above the fray.”


Melody Abeni

The Engineer of Calm® | Writer & Content Strategist



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