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Ticking Time Bomb

“When Congress Bailed Out Wall Street it Started the Clock Ticking on a Financial Time Bomb.

Now Set to Explode in 2018.”


When Hank Paulson stood in front of Congress and demanded they hand over 750 billion dollars to soak up Wall Street’s rotten assets, he started the clock ticking on a time bomb.


A bomb created by a mountain of debt, rock bottom interest rates and financial incompetence at every level of government.


And when it explodes, this bomb threatens to incinerate the value of the dollar, crash the stock market and bring about the worst financial crisis of our lives.


If you’re going to protect yourself from the fallout, you’ll need to move fast.


Because it’s predicted this bomb will detonate in…




In less than 12 months the circumstances that created this bomb will come to a head.


It started with the massive debt burden of moping up Wall Street’s mess.


Because it didn’t stop at 750 billion.


It soon grew to 16 TRILLION in bailouts and financial assistance.


A massive sum that should have set alarm bells before the ink was dry.


But nobody raised an eyebrow.


Wall Streeet pocketed the money, declared the crisis over…said they’d fixed the problem…sound monetary policy would prevail…and everything was back to business as usual.


They lied with every fiber of their pinstriped suits.


Because today’s debt bubble dwarfs that of the housing market by several magnitudes.


This time you won’t just lose your job or your home. You may lose your pension, savings and means of survival altogether.


Do you think this sounds alarmist? Or over dramatic?


You may wonder why hasn’t the mainstream press been SCREAMING to protect your assets if things were this bad?


Well, whatever the reason, it no longer mattters. The early tremours of this financial time bomb are already being felt.


It is our PENSIONS that will be wiped out first.


Before the bailout, public pensions were $292 billion in the hole.


This has since SKYROCKETED to $1.9 TRILLION.


Moody’s has reported it could accelerate yet further… and the government may soon be 7 TRILLION behind on pension payments.


Many have already collapsed…


Pensions people faithfully contributed to their entire lives are now going up in smoke.


Illionois ran out of pension money in 2014. Chicago and Houston ahave also entered the death spiral.


It will take 19 years of city taxes for Chicago to cover its unfunded pension payments. And Chicago is just one of many cities now drowning in debts it can’t pay.


Many large pension providers and even the government agency that insures them are expected to be insolvent and fail by 2025. This will threaten the standards of living for MILLIONS.


Perhaps you’ve already got a letter in the mail telling you that your pension – despite decades of deductions to your pay checks – is in a “critical and declining” state?


That despite working hard all your life, living frugally and saving, your dreams of retirement were an illusion all along. The cupboard is bare and there’s no money left to feed you.


Things are getting deperate. And The Pension Rights Center is now urging vulnerable Americans to educate themselves before it’s too late.


Because unlike in 2008, there’s NOBODY coming to the rescue.


When this financial bomb fully detonates and pensions collapse wholesale, you’ll switch on the TV to see a government spokesman claiming there’s nothing they can do.


They’ll pass the buck.


Blame the crisis on rising life expectancy and the boomers for retiring en mass.


But what they won’t tell you is that we’ve been living in a world the pension system was never designed to support for decades.


The system was created at a time when people stayed with the same employer for life…birthrates were high…stock markets buoyant…and we believed we were entering an era of perpetual growth.


Back then they could never have predicted the forces now squeezing the system until it creaks, squeals and dies.


Today, the idea of a job for life seems farcical.


Automation is shredding jobs, and AI is on its way to lobotimize millions more.


What’s worse, these machines aren’t going to cover the contributions already missing from today’s workforce.


Because for the pension system to work, America needs a consistant birthrate of 2.2.


It hasnt had this for nearly FIVE DECADES.


The birth rate now stand at 1.84, the lowest since records began.


But even if there were more people paying in, it still wouldn’t be enough.


Interest rates have never recovered after being slashed to save the banks.

For the last deacde, returns on investments have been stubbornly low…making it IMPOSSIBLE for pension funds to make money.


This is making a mockery of the fantasy figures pensions used to keep the unions happy and so city officials could keep getting elected. Many were calculated based on growth of 7.5% per year, when most are struggling to make a measly 1.5%.


The problem has been made worse by pension funds taking HUGE risks to try and plug the gap.


Federal Reserve data from 1952 shows that 96% of public pensions were invested in bonds and cash equivalents. They had the assets to match liabilities. They were stable.


But by 2016 those safe investments had shrunken to 27%.


Instead, they’ve been rolling the dice on the stock market. Close to 50% of pensions are now invested in a market running at its highest valuations in history.


When the market corrects itself – which could happen any day now – and valuations drop they’ll take the pension funds down with them.


And what’s the government’s plan to stop the nightmare of a financial apocalypse coming true?


Rather than close some loopholes on corporation tax or offer to bail out pension funds – like it did for the shadow banking system – it’s done the unthinkable.


In 2014 Congress rushed through a bill, with little debate, that allows pensions to SLASH benefits.


There are already 68 pension funds in a “critical and declining” state that are eligible to apply.


If you’re over 75, I’ve got good news for you – your checks are safe.


But if you’re under 75 your pension check is going under the guillotine.


According to the Pension Rights Center, the lucky ones have seen their monthly check only reduced by 13%. Others have seen much as much as 60% HACKED OFF!


If this has you rushing to check your pension’s status, I need to warn you that it gets worse…


Because should your pension fail there will soon no longer be a safety net to catch you.


The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation is a government agency that’s supposed to act as an insurance policy for pension funds. If they collpase, it will cover the losses and continue to send checks to those owed a secure retirement.


Until 2004 it was in the black.


But that all changed when the boomers started to retire.


Its $2 billion of assets soon sunk into a hole that’s $61 billion deep.


The PBGC already has to cover  the 103 pensions set to fail, and hundreds more are set to follow.


It may splutter along for a few more years. But the PBGC is expected to roll over and die in 2025.


This will cut the safety net for 40 million Americans. And soon they may not have Social Security to fall back on either.


Social Security is already 13.4 trillion dollars short of what it needs to pay in benefits. This is roughly 75% of GDP.


And if you’re hoping the government will tax the rich to feed the poor, think again.


With Donald J Trump seemingly willing to do the Deep State’s bidding, there are fears the privatization of Social Security is firmly back on the agenda.


This will place ALL the responsibility for managing retirement funds on the shoulders of civilians. The government can then wash its hands of them, leaving seniors to fend for themselves.


This will be a bitter kick in the teeth when they’re already down.


And dont think that it’s just teachers, miners and police officers staring down the double barrels of poverty and destitution.


Corporate pensions are in murderously murky waters too.


Before the 2008 crash, corporate pension funds were sloshing with money.


But as interest rates tanked and returns slumped, few employers were willing to refill the jar.


The corporate funding gap for companies in the S&P 500 now stands at $390 billion. Boeing, Xerox, DuPont, Lockhead Martin and General Motors are all in trouble.


So Corporate America is doing what it does best: Screwing people any way it can to protect its profits.


They’re freezing, slashing and pushing non-union employees into 401ks, while the executives of failing companies laugh all the way down in their golden parachutes.


In 2008, only 21% had frozen their pension plans. By 2015 this had nearly DOUBLED to 39%. While as many as TEN private sector funds have applied to the US Treasury to hack their pensions to the bone.


As assets bleed out, payments are cut and government insurance programs fail, the entire pension system will fall apart.


And it won’t just be retirees who suffer.


When they stop spending, start defaulting on mortgages and fail to make credit card payments it will send shockwaves of financial carnage rippling through the entire economy.


Jobs will be lost. Institutions will fail. Governments may be overthrown.


A sneak preview of what lies ahead was the collapse of Detroit under the weight of its debts.


The politicians knew they would be gone when the bus went over the cliff. While the unions assumed the tax payers would be the chumps picking up the tab.


But the cavalry never arrived, and Detroit became the most violent city in America.


Other cities will fall as Wall Street’s bomb explodes and an inferno engulfs our entire monetary system.


Government officials will try to stop it.


They’ll print more money, force up interest rates and rack up more debt to try and prop up the economy.


But this time it WON’T WORK.


Inflation is stubbornly high.


Global debt is at MONUMENTAL levels.


We are heading for a GIANT currrency CRASH and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.


Policy makers know it’s coming.


Wall Street knows its coming.


And now you do too.


There’s still time to prepare yourself.


You need to know what you’ll do when your pension is GONE.


What will you do when the checks stop? Or the government imposes monetary controls to stop you accessing your money?


How will you pay for food?


Do you risk losing your home if you can’t make the mortgage payments?


Should you buy a gun to protect what’s yours?


It’s clear the government isn’t going to step in and take care of you.


Unless a miracle happens and some financial genius discovers a way to save the system…


You’re on your own.


You can no longer leave your decision making powers to others. They will keep getting it wrong.


And if you’re not protecting your pot you will be part of the masses that are going to get blown up when Wall Street’s financial time bomb finally explodes.


If you don’t want your savings seized…rampant inflation wiping out the value of your dollars…and dreams of a comfortable retirement shattered…you have to move fast.


Allow me to show you what I’m doing personally to protect my assets. If the impending crisis pans out as I expect, I may even make some money.


Maybe you can do the same.


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