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Together we can conquer stroke

Together we can conquer stroke, but to do this we need…


Investment for research

Research has been at the heart of saving lives and improving stroke care. But for every UK stroke patient, just £48 a year is spent on medical research compared with £241 for every cancer patient. We need an urgent increase in funding to help find more treatments sooner and, ultimately, conquer stroke.


To prevent more strokes

We need more people to understand about stroke risk and symptoms, as well as other conditions that raise risk such as high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation. We especially need to reach those who may be unaware that they are at high risk of stroke.


High-quality care for all

We must build on the progress made in stroke care. The quality of acute stroke services varies greatly between regions. All areas must consider how to organise their services to provide the highest standard of care. All who work in health and care need to be aware of stroke, its effects and how to support people appropriately. Those who will not recover need the right care and, when possible, to choose where they die.


Better support when people leave hospital

Many people struggle to access support, particularly when their needs are complex. People need appropriate therapies, rehabilitation, coordinated health and social care services, plus access to the right information and advice. The Stroke Association’s stroke recovery services should be more widely available.


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