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Top 10 Places For A First Date in Dublin

So you’ve finally found your perfect match on Tinder (or, if you’re lucky enough, in real life) and they’ve agreed to a first date. But now the panic starts. Where do you take them? Well, luckily for you, Dublin is teeming with great first date spots. Here’s our list of the 10 best to calm your first date nerves.

10. Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge

We’ll start off with a nice cosy coffee date, and Dublin doesn’t get any cosier than Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge on Stephen Street Lower. It’s the perfect place for a stress-free ‘getting to know you’ conversation. If you’re both the travelling type you can bond over the giant world map on the wall, or if you both are readers there’s a selection of books dotted around that’s sure to get a conversation going. Or if you just want to sit and chat about whatever comes to mind, then relax in one of their comfy couches and talk over what is definitely the best hot chocolate in Dublin (I’m willing to fight you if you disagree). Accents have the perfect relaxing atmosphere to wipe away any first date jitters and opens until 11 so you don’t have to leave early if the date is going well.


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