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My Write to Sell workshop came from conversations with frustrated web designers and marketing consultants who could see issues with their clients’ copy but didn’t know how to help them improve it. I wanted to give them a basic understanding of how to write effective marketing and sales copy.

However, I soon realised that the content would be valuable to anyone working in an in-house marketing role or any businesses without a marketing team. My course has attracted people who already work in marketing including other copywriters, university marketing departments, web designers, marketing consultants and in-house marketing teams, as well as many business owners from all types of industry. I run my course on scheduled dates or as an in-house option for companies who want to upskill their employees.

Client feedback:
“I can absolutely recommend the course to anyone who writes content that is intended to persuade or sell to prospects or customers; the investment in time and money will pay for itself many times over.” -Rahoul Baruah, Client Robot

“Your skill and expertise in the subject has pushed us beyond our usual safe boundaries and your encouragement has compelled us to do more, a decision for which I can honestly say, our company is now starting to reap the rewards” -Rob Lewis, Corporate & Commercial

“I have been on 2 courses held by Lisa, Blogging for Business and Write to Sell and they have both been very well organised and full of useful tips and information. Highly recommend!” -Irram Shah, Document XL


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