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Transport Systems Catapult Strategy Brochure

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Took the the TSC's Technology Strategy for Intelligent Mobility and re-wrote it as a brochure for external audiences including organisations in the Intelligent Mobility sector, government and general public.


Intelligent Mobility is not an incremental advance that supports or maintains the status quo; instead it represents a radical overhaul of the entire transport market. The UK must not just participate in this, but aspire to be at the forefront.

Intelligent Mobility is the future of transport. It is about harnessing innovation and emerging technologies to create more integrated, ef cient and sustainable transport systems.
It marks an exciting meeting point between traditional transport and the new products and services that are emerging as we start to exploit vast amounts of multi-layered data. As such it offers us a remarkable opportunity to make much more ef cient use of networks and to revolutionise transport, all driven by the needs of the end user.