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A story told through art: Discover Rome’s frescoes

The historic, the artistic, the sublime. Rome is the home of some of the world’s most impactful, educative and awe-inspiring sites, with layer upon layer of rich historical context to discover. One of the most rewarding ways to experience The Eternal City is through the iconic frescoes that adorn so many of its world-famous buildings. Our own hotel, Grand Palace Hotel Rome, is itself home to a group of stunning and authentic frescoes that were painted by the Venetian artist, Guido Cadorin (1892-1976) in 1926, who was considered a true artistic genius of his generation.

The paintings depict the lavish lifestyles of influential figures of the time. Swathed in luxurious fabrics and bejewelled in magnificent rings and necklaces, it’s clear from the frescoes that these were no ordinary people. It’s because of this that the paintings were the centre of a scandal when Guido first completed them. The high-profile subjects of the paintings were outraged that they’d been displayed so garishly going about their business on the walls.



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