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Mineral Blood Test

What is a Mineral Blood Test?
Check for trace mineral deficiencies in your blood and get to the root of constant tiredness. Nutrition just got smart.

What is a Mineral Blood Test and how does it work?
Are you running on empty but not sure why? Constant tiredness can often be a sign of a mineral deficiency. Blame modern life: pollution, poor diet and stress can easily disturb the delicate balance of trace minerals in our body such as iron.
We all need small amounts of these micronutrients to function properly but it is hard to get them all from food, even if you follow a really healthy diet. Our body also needs different amounts of minerals at different stages in our lives. This simple blood test will check the levels of minerals essential for your personal health and will spot any deficiencies. Then we can select the correct mineral infusion and repair your body from within. Let’s recharge your batteries!

How does an iron deficiency damage our health?
Iron is vital for making the red blood cells which carry oxygen from our lungs around all our body. Reserves can run low during pregnancy, after major blood loss, or when our body is unable to absorb enough iron from food.

Test indications for low iron levels (Anaemia)
Pale skin
Chronic tiredness
Shortness of breath
Rapid heartbeat
Pruritus: itchy skin

Increased energy
Enhanced cognitive functions
Improved skin condition

How does Molybdenum affect our health?
We all need small amounts of this trace element for good health, but deficiencies are rare because it is readily available in our food. However, too much can be toxic, especially if you’ve been exposed to this metal at work.

How does a Copper deficiency affect our health?
Copper is an essential trace mineral that keeps our nervous system working well and helps with iron metabolism and energy production. Signs of copper deficiency include fatigue, weak and brittle bones and pale skin.

What to Expect
Vitamin Injections London is headed by skilled IV/IM Nurses and Aesthetic Practitioners who will conduct a full review of your medical history before testing your mineral profile.



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