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Turn $6,000 into $60,000

Watch Me Turn $6,000 into $60,000


Thanks for signup up for Simple Options Trading for Beginners. Soon you’ll discover the basics on getting started in this fast paced market.


You’re going to love it!


The course is perfect for getting a solid foundation in the theory. However, if you’d rather learn from DOING and would love to watch how I do options trading, I’ve got a special bonus for you…


It’s a set of videos where you watch over my shoulder as I turn $5,000 into $60,000 over a 6 month period.


You won’t find this bonus anywhere else. You can ONLY get it from this page. So if you want to take advantage, read on…


Avoid The Costly Mistakes I Made


       When I got started back in the hazy days of 1974 (seems like a lifetime ago now) I’d have given my right arm to watch how the pros did it. Instead, I had to learn the HARD way how tough trading can be.


And, boy, did I make a lot of EXPENSIVE mistakes!


This includes:


  • Thinking I could make easy money fast (options is a marathon, not a sprint)
  • Allowing a few early losses to muddle my thinking
  • Fearing and avoiding risk (you have to observe it coolly to gain the edge over nervous traders)
  • Placing trades then praying (instead of responding to shifting markets like a general marshalling troops on the battlefield)
  • Pushing failing positions until I’d fall off the cliff


But back then, I had no choice.


In the 70s there was no internet…no training systems…and no mentors to show me how to stop making costly blunders.


I had to figure it all out on my own.


And lost a ton of money in the process! More money than I dared admit to my wife, seeing as I’d thrown away a highly paid career with General Motors to roll the dice as a trader (as my parents kept “informing” me).


But eventually I crawled through the minefield, bloodied but not beaten. I licked my wounds…made sure I didn’t make the same mistakes twice…and over time pushed through to CONSISTENTLY be in the black.


       It was trial by fire. And I what it taught me is that …


Anybody can develop a strong trading mentality with the right coaching


Whether it’s shooting hoops, learning a language or options trading, DOING is always the best way to learn anything.


You can spend months reading, attending seminars and watching trading webinars. But it’s only through rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in that you’ll develop the skills you need to be a successful trader.


Here in Michigan, putting in the work to achieve your goals is in our blood. It’s what gets us through thick and thin. So I’m not here to blow smoke up your behind or make crazy promises on how trading will make money rain down from the sky. It’s ONLY through practical application you’ll gain the skills to be a shrewd, profitable trader.


With that in mind, I created a video course that gets you making trades and taking action while avoiding painful mistakes. You may even make decent money if you follow the steps I show you.


Here’s How it Works


Rather than send you thousands of pages of course materials, I’ve recorded a series of step-by-step videos. You get to watch as I setup the accounts, make trades and watch them come in over a 6 month period.


The course covers how to trade S&P 500 Stocks trading at $40 per share. I’ve chosen this share value to give you more leverage and potentially higher profits.


The S&P 500 gives you about 100 stocks to choose from. But when you use the system I show you, there’s no picking stocks like lucky dip tickets at the fair. I give you CAST IRON trading rules to follow for quickly picking likely winners from 100 stocks.


After making your picks, you then only select TWO options to trade per week.


That’s right, just TWO trades per week.


I’ve kept it low so you to understand the value of patience, and why you shouldn’t rush in like you’re at the roulette table. When you follow my system, there’s no gambling involved.


A System with 80% Gains and 66% Wins


Based on a statistical analyses, the system I show you has an average losing trade of 40%. So if you trade $500 and lose, you’re down to $300.


The flipside is that the average winning trade is 80% GAIN. So a $500 investment balloons into $900. So you see, already the numbers are in your favor.


And it gets better…


After running my system on a hypothetical account, it generated an average of 66% WINS.


When you combine BOTH the average winning trade value and percentage of wins, you can expect to see a 10% TOTAL GAIN each and every week!


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – there are no guarantees in options trading (otherwise everyone would be doing it and getting rich).


Markets can change direction faster than the wind.


Like I said, I’m not here to make pie in the sky promises. If you’re looking for a magic “push button” system that “makes money in your sleep” I’l kindly ask you to close this window and look elsewhere. Unlike some of my competitors (I won’t name names. Here in Michigan we believe in manners), I’m not going to make any crazy promises.


Yet, what I will say is that after running my system a statistical analyses showed that you can realistically expect to grow a $5,000 investment to $60,000 in 6 months. That’s a 1,200% increase. A decent salary for most folks. And all from just making 2 trades a week.


This system is just one of many that I’ve developed that’s helped over 60,000 people to become better, smarter and safer traders. Hopefully, it can make some money for you too.


What You’ll Gain from this Special Bonus Video Course


  • Watch over my shoulder how I do trades over a 6 month period
  • Discover how to quickly and easily spot the best trades from 100 S&P 500 Stocks
  • Develop the discipline and patience to build your positions over the long-term (instead of chasing “lottery ticket” options)
  • Gain a rock solid foundation in risk management, so you use risk as an advantage and avoid the rookie mistake of holding onto options with minimal returns that NEVER make serious money
  • The secret to taking emotions out of your trades (this will unlock your ability to CONSISTENTLY make high returns)
  • Mind hack that stops you focusing too much on reward and under appreciating risk (this will save you from the downfall of pushing positions until you lose)
  • A system that develops your trading “muscle memory” so you lock in the intuition all successful traders need to succeed over the long-term


You’ll Be Amazed by the Low, Low Price

If this all sounds good to you, you may be thinking “Bill. I’m interested. But isn’t this video training going to cost me a king’s ransom?”


I hope you’re sitting down, because the entry fee is going to knock you off your seat (in a good way)…


While similar courses sell for $500 (or as much as $3,500) I know you’re likely just getting started as a new trader. You may not have a stack of money to blow right now on training courses, am I right?


I hear you. It was the same for me when I was just getting started. I didn’t have a pot to pee in until I had this strategy figured out, and started to consistently pick more winners than losers.


I can also remember how much I’d have loved to have a course like this. Something I could watch, replay, study and use to guide me through the field of landmines I had to drag myself through (I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy!).


So I decided the only fair thing to do was to go as low as I could. So you won’t have to pay $3,500 to get this video course. No siree. Not even $497 (the price I used to sell this course for, and what an hour sat by my side while I traded would cost you).


So before my accountant finds out what I’m up to, you can get the complete set of walkthrough videos on how to turn $5,000 into $60,000 in just 6 months for the rock bottom fee of $7.00.


That’s right, just $7.00. Less than you’d spend on a Starbucks breakfast.


Now, if you’re the cynical type, maybe you’re questioning my generosity?


I totally understand. I’d be thinking the same in your position. So I’ll come clean – I do have another motive for giving away the complete course for such a low sum…


I’m hoping that after trying out my system and you make some money, I’ll have earned some of your trust and I’m not blowing hot air (let’s be honest, there’s enough hot air in this industry to launch a fleet of balloons).


I’m hoping down the road you’ll consider investing in one of my other training courses, to further develop your talent as a safer, smarter and more profitable trader.


Sounds fair?


If you agree,  I need to hurry you a little because…there is a catch.


Are You An Action Taker or Cautious Contemplator?


If you’re going to be a successful options trader, you’re going to have to be ready to take action. You need to be ready to leap on opportunities like a hungry wolf, rather than watch meekly from the bushes.


I only want you to invest in my bonus video course if you’re going to watch it, take notes, replay it and put it into action. I don’t want it to be another course filling up your harddrive you think you’ll get round to someday but never do.


So you’ve going to have to make a decision right now.

If you want to take advantage of this $7 rock bottom offer for my bonus video training course you need to order from this  page. Once you close this window, this offer is gone forever.


You’re only option will then be to figure out options trading for yourself, and learn from making all the same expensive mistakes I made. You’ll have to spend hours upon hours reading books, studying other courses or attending seminars.


But even then, all you get is the theory. Despite what they tell you in school, studying theory is not the best way to progress towards success.


Instead I want you to…


Gain the Mindset of a Confident Trader from DOING Instead of Studying


It’s through taking action, picking stocks and watching them come in that you’ll progress quickest to becoming a confident and profitable trader.


All you have to do is follow the steps exactly how I show you in the videos. That’s it. And along the way you’ll gain a complete trading skillset far more effectively than reading books. This includes knowing how to manage risk, how to spot profitable trades and how to pick more winners than losers so you’re consistently in the black.


You might make decent money too.


Remember that my system offers an average 10% gain per week. Just watch how I do it and then repeat it for yourself. It’s that simple.


There are no guarantees in this business. Yet when you have a plan, know how to manage risks and are willing to learn new strategies, the odds are firmly stacked in your favor. And at just $7, if you just gain ONE valuable insight that helps you avoid a costly mistake, my course will pay for itself many times over.


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