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‘Understanding progressive MS’, a free downloadable information booklet for the MS Society charity

About this project

I was delighted to win Charity Writer of the Year 2016 at the Medical Journalists’ Association’s Awards for this health information booklet. The brief was to create an accurate, up-to-date resource for people with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) rather than the more common relapsing-remitting type. With this type of MS, there are no periods of remission and, as yet, no treatments that can halt progression of the condition, leading many people to feel despondent after diagnosis. That said, there are many ways that people can manage their symptoms, plus there have been several recent promising breakthroughs in treatment and research. The project involved sourcing and writing new content, explaining the latest breakthroughs in accessible, jargon-free language, and interviewing people who are living with the condition. Judges John Clare, Carole Stone and Kate Sidwell described it as “an outstanding example of how charity health information should be — accessible, powerful and informative”.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the nerves in your brain and spinal cord – also known as your central nervous system.

Think of your central nervous system as a pathway by which messages travel between your brain, spinal cord and other parts of your body. For instance, when you walk, messages must travel from your brain to your leg muscles. If that pathway becomes damaged, their journey may become slower, distorted or even blocked. That’s what causes MS symptoms. You might experience several or a few different symptoms, depending on the part of the central nervous system that’s affected.


Understanding Progressive MS Charity writer Madeleine Bailey