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Virgin One Reduced.

The One Account offset mortgage was complex and hard to explain convincingly in DM. Cutting the story to its essentials resulted in this dramatically effective mailing. Unbeaten for years, it picked up Precision Marketing Golds for Best DM Initiative
 and Best Financial DM, as well as a Campaign Direct Commendation.







Pay thousands less for your home with a Virgin Oneaccount.

Dear Mr Sample,

Conventional wisdom says the way to make the most of your finances is to pick and choose separate mortgage, loan, saving and current accounts. And, until now, that was the best the banks had to offer.

The Virgin Oneaccount is better. Look below and you’ll see how, by allowing you to combine your finances in one account, it can cut £20,491 off the cost of buying your home.

Virgin Oneaccount Halifax Abbey National Lloyds TSB, C&G
Cost of paying off a £70,000 mortgage £104,206 £123,571 £112,757 £124,697
The Virgin Oneaccount saves you   £19,365 £8,551 £20,491

Examples show the total cost of a £70,000, 25 year mortgage on a £120,000 property. It assumes you have an annual income of £35,000 and save £100 a month. Please see the illustration on the enclosed sheet for full details.

These aren’t extreme examples cooked up to make us look good. Independent research proves that eight out of ten people would save money with a Oneaccount.* In other words, there’s every chance that a Oneaccount really can offer you much better value than your current mortgage.

Of course, there’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s to visit www.virginone.com or call us on 08456 10 20 70. It takes about five minutes and could transform your finances.

Yours sincerely,


Jayne-Anne Gadhia

Managing Director

See how much you can save. Call 08456 10 20 70 or visit virginone.com today.

Jonathan Bradley

Luxus Worldwide




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