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Vistaprint article: Christmas cards

How to pick the best photos for your Christmas cards

Step 1: Make your selection
Collect all your favourite photos from this year. Browse through your phone, computer, social media and scrapbooks. Try not to “umm” and “ahh” too much about your selection (we’ll get pickier in the next steps), just choose all those you instinctively like.

Step 2: Which ones make you smile?
Now things get fun. Which photos actually make you laugh, or chuckle, or turn your lips into a smile? These are the “magic” photos that make it to the next round…

Step 3: Be critical
Time to put on your ruthless hat. Out of your favourite photos, which ones are a bit blurry, or too similar, or have someone’s face covered? Take them out of the running. You should be left with around 1-4 photos.

Step 4: Consider the design
Now you have an idea of the pics you’re going to use, think about your Christmas card design. Is your photo portrait or landscape? Perhaps you want a collage design? Also, which colours will complement your image? In a nutshell, you’re looking for a design that best shows off your photo.

Step 5: Sprinkle some personality
Make your card unique by adding a personal touch. There are many ways to do this: our favourites include adding a funky festive stamp like a star or snowflake; putting some sparkly glitter inside; hand-drawing a little Christmas tree or snowman; or writing a quick description of where and when your photo was taken. It’s all about showing the person you’re giving the card to that you’ve made an effort – they’ll appreciate it.

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