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Visualsoft brochure

About this project

Visualsoft help major retailers grow online through their e-commerce platform, marketing and support services. They major online retailers including Beauty Base, Charles Clinkard, TJ Hughes and others. I was commissioned to write new copy for a product and services brochure that they use to market their services to clients. This included new copy to describe their shared success model for pricing.





We’re e-commenrce experts. We know what works. That’s why retailers trust us to build, grow and sustain their businesses online.

Join the brilliant brands already on our platform, and we’ll offer you the ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

We’re the whole package

From smart marketing that attracts customers to the right offers at the right times; to the support that makes sure everything works smoothly and boosts your business growth – we offer the whole package.

Great online retail space is essential for driving sales, but to truly offer a fantastic experience, you need all the things that make it work – and that’s what we provide.

Could I suggest we switch this out for “Our pioneering eCommerce platform is designed with retail and customers in mind. It’s built to deliver, but there’s more to us than that.”

Appreciate that this fractured style matches text in the VS brand guidance, but maybe commas would work better here?