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Web article for the Van Tuyl Music Academy (USA)

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Web article on the Top 5 Most Influential Rockers (according to the client) targeted at prospective students. Link: http://www.vantuylmusicacademy.com/what-makes-a-rock-god/


Opinions vary, but we can all agree that any musician who is so talented, amazing, and inspirational that they deserve  globaladmiration, respect and – yes – to be worshipped, can stand loud and proud in the hall of rock music fame.

The list of Rock Gods we worship at the church of Van Tuyl Music Academy is just about endless, so let’s just start with these five frontmen of some of the greatest touring bands in rock history. What do they all have in common? Not just global album sales, longevity, awards! It’s their looks, their attitudes, their work ethic, the legacy of their bodies of work, and sheer staying power that go beyond being average musicians and elevates them to rock star status. If you want success, then you should consider developing some of the qualities we mentioned.