Portfolio project

NFP consulting: web content

Feedback from the client to me, the designer and the web developer, just after the website went live:

I just wanted to check in and say hello but also to let you know that the whole project has been getting lots of good feedback. Everyone loves the brand, the tone, the logo. People have commented on the copy being nice and confident (which was something Simon was concerned about as being ‘too’ bold) and we have several happy bunnies using and liking the website.


People have also commented on us getting the tone and balance right. And, one really exciting indicator of success is that someone commented on noticing that we do consultancy after checking out our website, and wanting to find out more. Yay!!


So thank you to all of you for bringing in all your experience and excellence together to create something really wonderful that the team is excited about of and proud of. I hope you are too.


Sarah Butler