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Talking about death is never easy. But if you don’t make a plan to pass on your estate, you put your loved ones at risk of losing out when you’re gone.

Maplebrook Wills gives you the comprehensive advice and personalised legal service you need to make will writing and estate planning stress-free. We make sure that, when the time comes, your assets, property and finances are shared exactly as you wish.

By organising your estate now, you guarantee that your spouse, children, relatives and friends receive the best possible support for the future. You can also leave money to charities of your choice.

Personal | Plain English | Experienced | Legally binding | Affordable | Straightforward

When you hire Maplebrook Wills, we assign you a personal advisor. They work with you in person or by video call to write unique legal documents tailored to your requirements. All documents are legally binding, and follow Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) and Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) codes of practice.

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