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Specialists in the design & manufacture of precast concrete machinery

Roche Manufacturing specialises in the design and manufacture of production solutions for the precast concrete industry, and has been supplying customers around the world for the past 30 years. Founded in 1988, Roche manufacturing is located in Galway, Ireland. The company’s focus is on providing customised systems and machinery that delivers cost savings, improved health & safety, and a better standard of finished product to precast and wet cast concrete producers.

Hollowcore Slab Machinery

In a hollowcore slab factory, the casting machine is only one part of a complete manufacturing system. Roche Manufacturing offers a range of supporting machinery that optimises the whole production cycle.

Wet Cast Concrete Machinery

Manufacturing wet cast concrete products can be labour intensive. Preparing, filling and stripping moulds by hand is time consuming, costly, and can lead to issues with both product quality and safety.

Concrete Distribution & Handling

Within a precast concrete factory, distribution of concrete to both moulds and machines, as well as the movement of the finished products, is an extremely important part of the production process.

About Roche Manufacturing

Our purpose built 15,000 sq. ft. factory in Mountbellew enables us to both manufacture our product range efficiently, and to assist in the ongoing support of our clients. We have installed a 10T gantry crane, and each operative has their own 2T radial arm crane to enable safe and easy handling of the heaviest parts.

The factory floor is divided into workstations where machines are built and commissioned individually. Metal preparation and finishing are carried out in their own respective areas. We use a CAD/CAM manufacturing process for the profiling and forming of metal parts, while CNC machining centres are used to prepare turned and milled components.

Our machine builders are given full support through our state of the art design engineering department, where all drawings are prepared in 3D using SolidWorks. This modelling enables us to simulate the operation and functionality of our designs.

Using state of the art “Cosmos” Stress analysis software, we can test the strength and rigidity of our designs before they leave the office. Full specifications of each machine are prepared and recorded for the customer file and shop floor at this point.
The parts department is fully stocked to ensure a ready-supply to the factory floor.

At ROCO we know that lost production is a key concern for precast concrete producers. Our after sales service is also driven from this department, enabling us to have spare parts dispatched on the same day to reduce machine downtime.


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