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Advantage NRG is a specialist, labour only, sub-contractor using its own skilled labour force to build and maintain electrical transmission systems. Working in self sufficient teams of 6 or 7 to undertake earthing, insulator changing, blocking, clipping in, plus associated tasks such as renewal of step bolts, anti-climb devices and name plates.

The LE 1 linesman is the main category of staff and forms the backbone of the resource. Within the UK Utility Industry, up to mid 2002, virtually all linesmen were of UK origin. They were sourced via adverts and word of mouth. From mid 2002 onwards, linesmen have been, and continue to be, recruited from alternative sources. The following attributes are considered to be essential for linesmen: Experience as a Transmission/Distribution linesman English speaking ability. Utility/contractor training Familiarity with safety/quality systems Familiarity with PPE Ability to work productively in a contracting environment.

James Walls