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Website content for a software developer

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Website content for JuJu Media - a company developing innovative digital products and services. This is one of many projects I've worked on for the team, who also run a music streaming service and a series of coffee shop guides available as phone apps. In addition, I provide editorial support on client projects.



Bespoke software solutions and innovative marketing tools

Powerful software solutions are the driving force behind visionary businesses in every industry today – no longer a luxury, but an essential ingredient in defining and building a successful brand.

At JuJu Media, we create everything from bespoke websites and mobile apps, to innovative marketing campaigns, games and e-commerce platforms. In short, the tools that will help you connect with audiences and gain a competitive advantage.

While ready-made products have their place, they can rarely compete with custom-made solutions that offer greatly increased flexibility and sophistication. The right package can help push your business to the next level, or change its course altogether by offering something that’s new to the market.