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Website Content for Priority Pixels

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Being a busy web and digital agency, Priority Pixels were in the position a lot of businesses find themselves in. The client and their project come first. That meant their own website slid down the priority (pixels) list, which is where I came in to help.   Their site was doing its job and working well. SEO was performing well and they had plenty of content. The only thing that lacked was their 'Services' pages. At the time, just a non-descriptive list of what they could offer their clients. So, Priority Pixels came to me to produce 22 pages of between 100 - 150 words, giving an overview of every area they can help with.   From web design, photography and SEO, to video, wooCommerce and SSL - each service needed a description that was easily read and understood by people in the industry, as well as web newcomers.   It was a great opportunity for me to get creative with website content. Finding the right tone to suit, getting the level of humour just right and providing that TOV throughout to create a great set of readable, snappy content that we’re all happy with.


A snippet from the E-Commerce service page:

With our e-commerce systems, it’s never been easier to give your customers the chance to shop how they want, when they want. From desktop to laptop to tablet or smartphone, we can create a bespoke online shop that’s integrated with secure online payments, so you’re open 24 hours a day!

A snippet from the SSL Certificates service page:

A visual icon that denotes something is locked, blocked or unauthorised probably won’t enhance any website user experience. Unless it’s a padlock icon. That tells the online world you’re a secure and safe site, thanks to a valid SSL Certificate.

A snippet from the WordPress Websites service page:

Once your site is live and unleashed, we won’t leave you high and dry. Every now and then, your site will need a few updates and some minor maintenance to keep it in good shape – but you’re in safe hands. We’ll take care of any fixes and patches that it needs, and keep your site up, running and looking its best.