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Website copy for bespoke shoe brand Faber Novella.


(n) craftsman
(adj) imaginative

Novella (adj) new (n) story

At Faber Novella, the story begins with you. Our bespoke shoes are customized with your own personal vision and are handcrafted in Italy for a superior fit and exceptional quality.

Victoria Burlacu, founder of Faber Novella, was inspired by her mother’s belief that every woman deserves to curate her own personal style. Her love of high-quality, bespoke fashion began at a young age.

 “Growing up in Moldova during Soviet times, there was not a lot of variety of fashion available in the stores, but at the time, tailoring was fairly accessible. I got my first bespoke tailored suit when I was fourteen. Every year I would acquire one new piece; I did not have a vast wardrobe like we have today, but the few custom-made tailored pieces I had were very special to me; they were uniquely mine.”

Despite living in eight countries across the world, Victoria struggled to find shoes that suited her personal style and desires. The heel was too high, the fit was inapt, the color not to her taste. She embarked on a journey to create high-quality yet accessible shoes – shoes that are customized by hand to complement the unique identity of the wearer. Shoes that allow women to bring their own creative vision to life.

Victoria travelled to Vigevano, Italy’s luxury shoe capital, where she spent two years working with master craftsmen to develop Faber Novella’s signature styles, curating each custom-made feature with the highest attention to detail.


The Faber Novella story was complete with the collaboration of long-term friend and Creative Director Milica Stankovic. Winner of the Vogue Italy Young Talent award in 2014, Brisbane born Milica is an expert in the world of luxury brands. After graduating from Queensland’s University, Milica mastered her trade at renowned fashion houses Jean Paul Gaultier and Jean Claude Jitrois before developing a luxury leather goods brand in Paris. Milica and Victoria share a determined vision to create a collection focused on self-expression, while supporting Italian craftsmanship.

We believe that a woman deserves the perfect fit; for her lifestyle, her personality and her ambition. Begin your Faber Novella journey with a shoe as unique as your footprint.


If the body of fine craftsmanship lives in a lifelong quest for perfection, its heart and soul live in Italy. 

In Vigevano to be exact – Italy’s shoe capital where expert

craftsmanship and unrivaled expertise are at the heart of the town.


At Faber Novella, we seek to preserve the art of Italian shoe making, protect the country’s unrivaled savoir-faire, and in doing so, treat our customers to the true finesse of Italian craftsmanship. In times when renowned brands are moving production further East, we are planting our roots in Italy by working with local businesses, suppliers and designers in the most transparent manner.

Each Faber Novella shoe is individually hand-crafted in a small, family-run atelier in Vigevano that has been producing premium quality shoes for the past 30 years, using only the finest Italian leather.



We work with highly skilled technicians and designers to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating effortless silhouettes with exemplary construction that support you in every step of your journey; from day to night, for work and play. All our shoes are designed with comfort in mind, using intelligent engineering and soft cushioning insoles for a light, ‘walking on air’ sensation.




There are over a hundred steps in handcrafting the perfect shoe, from the initial sketch, pattern making to leather cutting and stitching, lasting and attaching of heel and sole. It is a labor of love and requires immeasurable patience; preserving this heritage craft is the sole way to achieve excellence.


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